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    What is G R I M?

    <G R I M> is an end-game PvE Bulgarian only guild (meaning we accept only Bulgarian players), the guild was created a few years ago and is still the most active and complete Bulgarian only guild that farms end-game content on a weekly basis.

    How can I join G R I M?

    First and foremost, you need to be Bulgarian to join the guild.
    Decent gear, positive attitude and being an alcoholic is mandatory. *JOKING ABOUT THE LAST ONE OFC*
    You need to have knowledge of the game, the boss encounters, the mechanics of the game in all of the end-game raid instances.
    You need atleast, 2 or 3 characters that you can play. People with 1 character are usually not welcomed for numerous reasons.
    Most importantly, you need to join to have fun and do whatever you can to help the guild - play whatever the raid needs, don't cry over gear and don't create unnecessary drama.


    Recruitment is currently closed for all classes and specializations.


    ICC10HC - 12/12 Usually a daily thing.

    ICC25HC - 12/12 Scheduled raids (usually 4 to 5 per week)

    RS10HC - 4/4 Might happen once in a while.

    RS25HC - 4/4 Scheduled raids (usually 4/5/6 per week)

    ToGC - Insanity Scheduled raids (usually done after 1 of the ICC25HC runs, 1 to 2 per week)

    Raid Schedule:

    Wednesday - ICC25HC #1 + ToGC25
    Thursday - ICC25HC #2
    Friday - RS25HC Day #1
    Saturday - ICC25HC #3 + ToGC25
    Sunday - RS25HC Day #2
    Monday - ICC25HC #4
    Tuesday - ICC25HC #5

    Schedule might change, if officers decide to do so.

    DKP System The guild uses the DKPs System, guild members who are still on their trial rank cannot bid for any items.

    This page will be updated with our news,progress and class recruitment.
    Edited: March 27, 2019

  2. Icecrown Citadel 25 HC - First Run LoD#9 - 2shot


    Raid composition:

    [Invicible's reins] : Zly

    Congratulations to Macky for Shadowmourne!
    Edited: March 11, 2018

  3. Icecrown Citadel 25 HC - First run LoD#11 - 1 shot


    Raid composition:

    Beside the 2 LoDs last week, we've done another 2 runs 11/12 HC . Most of the new members were tested thus we couldn't complete our schedule as intended. Our goal for this week is 3rd Lod and RS 25HC.
    Edited: March 11, 2018

  4. Ruby Sanctum 25 HC#1


    Raid composition:

    [Umbrage Armbands] : Pful
    [Glowing Twilight Scale] : Holyfock
    [Sharpened Twilight Scale] : DE

    Currently recruiting all players with EXPERIENCE on LK & Halion HC to fill our 3rd and 4th group.
    Edited: March 11, 2018

  5. Icecrown Citadel 25 HC - Third Run LoD#13


    Raid composition:

    We managed to achieve the goals we have set for the week - third LoD and RS 25 HC kill. Our next goal is to farm 2+ RS 25 HCs a week and LoD with fourth group. Slowly but steady our kill count is increasing and the raids are becoming faster and smoother.

    We are recruiting BULGARIAN players with experience in Heroic environment.

  6. Icecrown Citadel 25 HC - Second Run LoD#15


    Raid composition:

    Edited: March 17, 2018 Reason: Posted video

  7. Българи юнаци!

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