1. 3.3.5 Enhancement PVE tips and tricks


    I want to begin by saying that enhance is one of my favourite specs to play. The complexity of the rotations makes it very rewarding and challenging. With this guide Iíll touch up briefly on most aspects of enhancement but I am going to focus primarily on the rotation and the setup I use to maximize damage. Iíll also include whatever tips I can think of to help all players new and old. Iíd like this to be an open discussion and welcome concerns and additions in the comments.
    I am aware of many of the theory craft sham builds but what I am going to explore here is the standard method.

    Letís take a look at what Enhance has to offer.
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    Enhancement can bring some valuable buffs to a raid. It can be more valuable in 10 man raids where buffs can be scarce. Likewise enhance also benefits from both caster and melee buffs except casting haste. You can also change up your talents to accommodate for buffs given or not given by other raid classes, Iíll touch up on this in the talent section.

    Enhancement suffers in this field. Some spells can be cast at a distance but almost all of our damage comes from melee. Shamans lack movement talents, speed boost abilities and charges that other classes have, so we suffer on fights with long distance target changes. On top of this, magma totem will have to be re-applied every time your target out ranges it.

    Target switching:
    If the target isnít Too far away, target switching isnít a large loss. As soon as stormstrike is on the target, damage will resume as usual.

    Enhancement provides competitive damage and is the highest damage output spec for shamans. The difference between elemental and enhancement is very skill dependent. While elemental is a very simple rotation and is ideal for new players, enhancement will provide a challenge and feel more rewarding.

    Talents and Glyphs

    Typical Endgame build:

    Some aspects of your build will change depending on your group and items. For example; Improved Winfury totem can be dropped if there is always going to be a frost DK in your raid providing Icy Talons. The two spells do not stack.
    If you are lower gear and struggle with mana you can opt to use some mana talents like Elemental Focus, Shamanistic Focus, and Improved Stormstrike.

    Glyph of Lightning Bolt,
    Glyph of Stormstrike
    Glyph of Windfury Weapon.

    The third Glyph is changeable, I prefer this one but you may want to play around with a few others. You can try Glyph of Lightning Shield, If you get T9 set bonus, or Glyph of Feral Spirit But it did not seem to work last time I checked.

    Before I spit out a priority I want you to understand that enhancement is a lot more than just a simple priority. Iíll go into more detail below. As one of the toughest rotations in the game youíll have to spend time perfecting it. It may take some time before you see some positive results.

    Single Target Damage
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    Order of Priority

    Lightning Bolt (Maelstrom Weapon x 5):
    This is your highest damage ability. Only use when at full Maelstrom stacks (5). It is important to be very quick when consuming your Maelstrom, you cannot build stacks past 5 so delaying the lightning bolt will prevent the next potential stacks.

    The ability itself does not do a lot of damage but it applies a nature debuff. Even when the target has some stacks left, I find this worth using still because it strikes with both weapons giving twice the chance for Maelstrom stacks.

    Flame shock and Earth shock are the 2 shock spells you will use. Flame shock takes priority, if the debuff is on the target use Earth Shock. On a straight single target rotation, you will be alternating between the two.

    Lava Lash:
    Again, the attack itself does little damage, but is still an additional chance for Maelstrom procs. This puts it above Fire Nova even though it's weaker.

    Fire Nova:
    Does a decent amount of damage but does not proc Maelstrom. Can also be a heavy mana eater for lower geared shamans. The nova is centered from your fire totem so make sure itís close enough to do damage.

    Magma Totem:
    Magma is the fire totem you will be using. It does a good amount of ďpet damage", more damage than searing totem and is also an AOE. It has short range though, so again, make sure the totem is in range of the target. Magma totem can be recast shortly before it expires during breaks in the rotation or when target changing or target moving.

    Lightning Shield: The lowest priority move. It is free to cast so can be reapplied whenever there is a break in your rotation and magma totem is still relatively fresh. Can be recast while moving between targets too.

    AOE Damage
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    Chain Lightning: Replace Lightning bolt with Chain lightning whenever the CD allows. Make this switch for anything more than single target.

    Fire Nova and Totem: Fire Nova and Magma totem provide a good amount of AOE. Prioritize these when facing large groups of mobs.

    Additional Abilities
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    Feral Spirit:
    A fairly weak cooldown. At the ICC level the spirits only do about 10% additional damage while they are out, less than 3% overall. The move also triggers a GCD so I make sure I use it right before the pull, so I donít need to waste a GCD on them during the fight.

    Shamanistic Rage:
    Before T10 this is only a defensive and mana replenishing move, youíll use it at times when you are sure youíll be attacking something long enough to regain most of your mana. When you have t10 2 set, itíll also increase your damage by 12%. This means youíll have to time it as a damage CD as well.

    Fire elemental totem:
    A good cooldown considering how long it lasts. The cooldown for it is 8 minutes though, which means you have to be selective on which fights and when to use it. After itís out you cant move the totem, so donít use it on fights where there is a lot of movement. Save it for the stationary fights so you can still use your Fire Nova effectively.

    Water shield:
    You may find it useful to switch to water shield in some situations. Lightning shield isnít a huge part of your damage and at high gear level I donít spec in to any mana reduction or return. So Iíll throw this on sometime for AOE pulls or quick fights in a 5 man dungeon. Lower geared sham may also have to do the same.I never have to use water shield in raids.

    Wind shear:
    Enhance is a great interrupter. Like other melee classes with interrupting abilities, it is not effected by global cooldown. Be sure to use this when required and coordinate with other raid members to make sure you have all the interrupts covered.

    I included a couple screenshots of some recount damage breakdowns from a couple fights. Use these to compare your damage make up.
    VoA Frost boss:

    Rotface Heroic

    Stats and Gearing

    Stat priority:
    Attack Power
    Armour Penetration
    Exploring Your Stats
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    Hit and Expertise:
    Hit is your number one priority till 8%. This ensures that your yellow melee hits always find their target, definitely important to guarantee your stormstrike debuff. Talents provide 6% hit. After the initial 8% you should get expertise cap at 26 expertise for the same reason, then go for spell hit cap at 17%. Additional hit isnít a terrible thing even after spell cap because many of our procs come from white hits too.
    Faster, go faster, why arenít you going faster yet? Haste is everything you need, youíll gem for it, gear for it, enchant it. Youíll go past the global cooldown soft cap and beyond. Haste will give you more attacks. Windufry itself has a hidden cooldown so it does not benefit from haste, but haste has the advantage of increase auto attacks and in turn flame tongue weapon. Also maelstrom, static charge and t10 4 set will all proc more with haste.
    Attack Power:
    Not too much to say about attack power, definitely a good stat. Attack power has the advantage of giving us spell damage too but you should be getting enough of it from gear. Attack power + haste gems are a good choice to get the yellow socket bonuses that you deem worthy.
    Crit provides no additional advantage to enhance through talents. Previous cores had a bug where your critical rating would effect your overall glancing, which is why you may see some guides include critical as an important stat. As of now; crit only provides crit.
    Armour Penetration:
    Roughly 60% of enhancement damage is spell, this makes penetration the lowest on our stat priority. Iíd try to stay away from it but since we share gear with hunters, it is not always possible.
    Agility, Intellect, Strength:
    These stats give one attack power each, except for agility which also provides some critical. Itís important to remember this when deciding whether or not it is worth downgrading to a leather piece. Make sure you count the intellect as extra attack power. These stats are not worth gemming.

    Gemming and Enchanting

    Follow the stat priority to make sure that expertise and hit are capped. Use one +10 stats in a blue socket to activate the Relentless Meta helm. Be selective on which blue socket to activate to get the the most from a socket bonus. Gem all other blue sockets with Haste. Gem all yellow sockets with haste, and gem red sockets with Attack Power + Haste if the socket bonus is worth it.
    Prioritize Haste and Attack power with enchants too. Use Black Magic on Main-hand and Beserking on Off-hand (they can both proc at the same time making it better than 2x Beserking which does not.)* Engineers will enchant hands with hyperspeed and macro it with Shamanistic rage since they share the same CD. It is important to get your hit and expertise caps. If it is not already provided through gear, then you'll need to gem for it.

    Tips and Tricks

    Enhancement can be overwhelming to play at times. There are many things to track at once: Maelstrom, Stormstrike Debuff, Flameshock Debuff, Totem Timer and location, lightning Shield and other CDs you may use. I highly suggest getting addons to help you do this. I use IceHUD for most of my tracking needs. You can move important features where ever you please but can take some fiddling time to get it right. Other players may have other addons they find useful for this purpose and I encourage them to add them into the comments. Proxie will track your Maelstromx5.

    Since a lot of your damage and procs come from melee attacks, one of the first things I would do is macro /startattack to any move that doesnít already trigger auto attacks. Relatively simple macros but Iíll still include them in the macro section.

    Lastly, if you are really struggling, there is what I like to call ďTraining WheelsĒ addons. Two that I know of are EhnPrio and ShockAndAwe. I believe they work for warmane and EhnPrio is close enough to the correct rotation where you should be able to do some decent numbers. I am not Sure about ShockAndAwe though, but I know it use to work for retail Wrath. These would get you into the right habits and close to the numbers you should do until you feel comfortable enough.

    Practice. You arenít going to do amazing numbers right away and youíll have to work at it. Youíll probably tweak your UI several times before you find the right setup.

    Hereís the start attack macros:
    Spoiler: Show

    #showtooltip lightning bolt
    /cast lightning bolt

    Spoiler: Show

    #showtooltip earth shock
    /cast earth shock

    Spoiler: Show

    #showtooltip flame shock
    /cast flame shock

    Spoiler: Show

    #showtooltip fire nova
    /cast fire nova

    Spoiler: Show

    #showtooltip chain lightning
    /cast chain lightning

    Also make an "iWin" macro That uses your CDs, You'll use this at the start of the fight or when the strategy calls for it. Most of the Enhancement CDs Trigger GCD so you are limited to what you can macro.
    *for example*
    Spoiler: Show

    #showtooltip Shamanistic Rage
    /cast Shamanistic Rage
    Add "/use [trinket name]" if you have use trinkets.
    Add ď/cast [Racial Ability Name] for those races with Damage Abilities.
    Edited: April 1, 2020

  2. Quality guide, ill post my DPS on Deathbringer in ICC 25 so people can see enhancement is great if you know how to play it :) https://imgur.com/a/DqemBzs

  3. "The only advantage crit has is the warmane special with glancing blows. After your critical rating reaches the inverse of the glancing percentage, crit will offset the glancing blows you do on targets. This however does not make it worth gemming because all your sham procs will still happen off of glancing blows. This is a bug, so in the spirit of the game, do not to exploit it."

    Can you link the dedicated bug report?
    From what I know glancing blow were fixed a long time ago

  4. I think if you are good geared double berserker enchant is better, and for red sockets gemming http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/item=40162 is better than attack power haste, and about glyphe of feral spirit it's not worth for now seems they are missing alot of their attacks https://www.warmane.com/bugtracker/report/71789
    Nice guide ;)

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys, I missed a couple things for the gemming I suppose. I'll add in to make sure you have the caps before other stats. As for the beserking vs black magic, I was lead to beleive that two beserking will not proc at the same time, where black magic and beserking can. I'll do some testing on some dummies and make my changes in the guide depending on the results.

    I cant seem to find the bug report for the crit/glancing. I'll just remove that from the guide.

    Again, thank you for the comments.
    Edited: April 18, 2019

  6. Quality guide, ill post my DPS on Deathbringer in ICC 25 so people can see enhancement is great if you know how to play it :) https://imgur.com/a/DqemBzs
    Is this with ICC buff included?

  7. Any good BIS-list for this kind of build, i have seen many different lists and dont know which one to follow.

  8. Can't envision a situation where I wouldn't use Spirit glyph tbh: used correctly (i.e with all AP buffs up and during hero), the wolves are big boys.

  9. Glyph of Feral Spirits is worth about 180 dps on average while glyph of Lightning Bolt is worth about 130 dps while BIS unless you don't play spellhance but the build uses neither of those glyphs anyway... so yea Feral > LB.

  10. Curious as to what the consensus is re hit vs haste yellow gems: other bis guide suggests stacking hit, but this one seems to opt for haste (and my own sim tests lean more towards hit, too).

  11. Are there any tests done comparing Hit Rating and Haste? With the spell hit capped, you would still have ~12% miss chance on attacks that could have been WFW or MW procs. I was wondering if it is worth gemming Hit Rating instead of Haste at higher level gear?

  12. Are there any tests done comparing Hit Rating and Haste? With the spell hit capped, you would still have ~12% miss chance on attacks that could have been WFW or MW procs. I was wondering if it is worth gemming Hit Rating instead of Haste at higher level gear?
    This guide has many wrong informations.
    Pls stick to this guide: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=311020
    You have to stack hit until melee crit cap and Haste afterwards.

  13. DISCLAIMER: I might be wrong about all of this.

    Gonna try and explain my thoughts trough some math. The numbers are just taken for the sake of the example.
    Let's say that our character has:
    - enough haste to dish out 100 basic attacks per minute
    - and it has 10% miss chance on basic attacks
    => this would mean that on every 100 attacks, we would miss ~10 attacks which leads to ~90 successful attacks.

    1. Now, let's give our character 10% haste:
    - enough haste to dish out (100*1.1) 110 basic attacks per minute (because haste scales additively from same sources (in this case gems/gear)
    - and it has 10% miss chance on basic attacks
    => this would mean that on every 110 attacks, we would miss ~11 attacks which leads to ~99 successful attacks.

    2. Now, let's give our character 10% hit chance
    - enough haste to dish out 100 basic attacks per minute
    - and it has 0% miss chance on basic attacks
    => this would mean that on every 100 attacks, we would miss 0 attacks which leads to 100 successful attacks (~1 more than with the haste increase).

    Haste benefits:
    - it woulds scale multiplicatively with other sources of haste (raid auras)
    - it lowers GCD on our spells during the rotation which means that we can cast other abilities faster after we've casted our spells (not sure about this one though)

    Hit benefits:
    -less rng and a more reliable damage output during burst periods
    -a little bit of a smoother rotation because of more MW procs since we are technically landing more attacks
    - a possible tiny dps increase in cases where the one extra attack from the example procs either WFW or MW
    - the more hit we have the more attacks we hit. the more haste we have, the more attacks we miss as a sum total.

    Additional info:
    - so far I've seen that you need a very similar amount of haste or hit rating to increase the % of those attributes (~32 of the stat for ever 1%)

  14. You forgot about glancing blows and the melee crit cap that comes with it.
    You need hit in order to increase your melee crit cap.

  15. Exactly, those two things need to be considered as well.

    Furthermore, our Flurry talent doesn't scale well with haste either. It does sound weird, but the more haste we have, the less of an effect Flurry gives us.
    For example,
    If you proc Flurry with a 2.60 weapon and 0 haste, Flurry will reduce your attack speed to 1.82 seconds/swing which is a very nice 0.78 seconds/swing difference.
    However, if your weapon speed is already hasted and reduced to 2.0 seconds/swing, Flurry would reduce your attack speed to 1.4 seconds/swing which is a difference of 0.6 seconds/swing.
    Compared to the non-hasted weapon speed, the hasted weapon speed benefits less from Flurry.

    Of course, this doesn't mean that haste is bad or anything but this calculation shows a sort of a diminishing returns with Flurry and Haste. Hit Rating might just be better after a certain amount of Haste. Unfortunately, I am not able to calculate what that amount would be.

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