1. July 5, 2019  

    [Model Edit] Flag of Ownership Variations

    So I got bored one afternoon after work and these were the results:

    https://prnt.sc/oatvhb - Alliance Flag
    https://prnt.sc/oatv4f - Horde Flag
    https://prnt.sc/oatx12 - Darkmoon Faire
    https://prnt.sc/oatxjg - Pog
    https://prnt.sc/oatugy - Lebanon
    https://prnt.sc/oatvzo - Amercia
    https://prnt.sc/oatwl2 - Kekistan
    https://prnt.sc/oatt1f - Serbia
    https://prnt.sc/oatu9y - England
    https://prnt.sc/oatyex - Emirates of Bepistan

    Some of the images show up as it doesn't fit the game world, it depends on the image texture etc, but hey at least it flaps!

    P.S. Please do not send me PMs or reply for a request for a download link, maybe in the soon™ future, I'll open to requests etc.

  2. July 5, 2019  
    Nice work! I don't need them but they definitely look cool.

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