<Rest in Drama> (aka <Rest in Peace>) is now recruiting all the players that wish to twink on 70-79 bracket.

We are on the Icecrown realm, Alliance faction.

We are looking for all players, regardless of class. No matter if you are new to twinking or you are a veteran, you play all the time or log in from time to time, we will be happy to have you in our ranks.

Currently our guild is mostly polish speaking, but we are working on recruiting more foreign players to make it more international, so that everyone can feel good in it.

We organize raids free of ninja looting, our GB is supplied every week with flasks and pots to use on battlegrounds, we help each other level our alts and much more.

<Rest in Drama>, despite being somewhat young guild here, has long roots in twinking on other realms. On our last realm, we were #1 pvp guild on the server:

And now we are also considered the largest, or one of the largest twink guild on Warmane (both Icecrown and Lordaeron combined):

(This opinion is from the forums, written by a horde player who plays on 79 a lot. Thanks Castor for the promotion ;) )

If you want to join us or know some more about our guild, PM me on forum or in game (Regulardude / Szczelamse), our leader (Nutx) or any other officer or member.

See you on the bracket!