1. June 2, 2020  
    Very detailed guide big + for the effort keep it up!

  2. Great stuff as always. Keep it up. This made me play disci much easier.

  3. 3 Weeks Ago  
    This is a solid guide of course, but there is some sort of circular reasoning in the premise: "One very common misconception about Discipline Priests in Lich King 0% duo or trio heal encounter is that it’s all about being a “Shield bot” – spam shields, nothing else".

    In a duo or trio heal encounter - which is the premise - the Disco obviously has to heal as well. The question is if this also applies to the standard setup of 1 Disc plus 1 shaman and 2 holy paladins. Well, obviously not, so in that setup Disco is indeed all about shields, so Don Quixote lost his fight against the windmills. The only misconception out there is that you should do LoD with it three healers, because it's l33t or something, but it isn't. It's a circus act, like solo healing.

    That explains the title of the Youtube-Video: "Server first on 3 heal LoD". It's a server first, because everyone else used more healers to achieve the same result. The first LoD was apparently killed by MEMORIES in 2017: https://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=444045

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