1. EU Alliance Guild - Join if you want to!


    Going to start playing on Frostmourne alongside a couple of mates. We're looking to start a guild, the sooner we get it running the better.
    All of us are from Sweden, which means people from similar timezones would be to prefer (but anyone would be welcome).

    What kind of people are we looking for?
    - Just chill people to play with. Dungeons, raids, PvP, just enjoying the game together!
    - Feel like 18+ would be a fair age req. Would feel weird playing with younger people!
    - It's probably not a good fit for those who consider themselves as "Snowflakes"!

    Just putting my discord down here in case anyone wants to join a server, etc etc before release.

    Will also try to check this thread as often as possible to answer questions!

    Edited: April 11, 2020

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