1. NA Alliance Guild Recruiting

    <CTRL ALT DEL> is recruiting any NA players to progress through content steadily. Our GMs have been together for years and run the guild that is fair to all members. We operate as a open guild. No censorship, the main thing is to be respectful! We will be running a loot system consisting of DKP with silent bidding. We aren't a min/max guild, if you can make a spec work and keep up with the others in DPS or HPS that is more than okay for us! We have been on multiple different Wrath servers and can't wait to get going on this server! .. If interested.. Comment on the post and ill get you the discord link!

  2. i 5 box , id like try new guild on new server
    Edited: April 10, 2020

  3. I'm interested, but i'm not from NA. I'd like to know which raiding schedule u usually have to determine if i could be able to join the raid

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