1. Amazing Guide

    Amazing guide.

    Only one problem, Netherweave cloth is not listed in requirements.

  2. Like tf is this guide ? You skipping allot things for example with Volate Blasting trigger for Explosive Decoy

  3. i usually never post but please stay away from this guide. mat amounts are completely off by a mile

  4. worst ****ing guide ive ever seen please delete it its completely wrong and terrible

  5. Updates

    Hello. I just leveled engineering on two characters and had to re-make this guide by slightly modifying some items that must be created and corrected the list of required items that can be bought in AH:
    32x Rough Stone
    16x Linen Cloth
    24x Copper Bar
    9x Weak Flux(Any BS Vendor)
    20x Coarse Stone
    15x Silver Bar
    17x Heavy Stone
    9x Bronze Bar
    12x Gold Bar
    4x Steel Bar
    80x Solid Stone
    42x Mithril Bar
    8x Mageweave Cloth
    20x Thick Leather
    10x Star Ruby
    20x Dense Stone
    33x Thorium Bar
    9x Runecloth
    15x Mote of Fire
    30x Mote of Earth
    8x Fel Iron Casing
    22x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
    12x Adamantite Bar
    19x Netherweave Cloth(can be obtained during rep farm)
    19x Green Dye(Tailoring/LW shops)
    98x Cobalt Bar
    34x Crystallized Water
    7x Frostweave Cloth
    172x Saronite Bar
    18x Eternal Air
    4x Twilight Opal
    3x Skinning Knife(from any LW supplies vendor)
    3x Blacksmithing Hammer(from any BS supplies vendor)
    3x Mining Pick(from any BS supplies vendor)
    8x Titanium Bar
    2x Eternal Water
    2x Eternal Shadow
    2x Eternal Fire

    Leveling is straight forward - go to Ironforge and run from Springspindle Fizzlegear in Tinker Town to anvil in middle of the city and back untill you are level 300 after which you go to Dalaran.

    1-40 -*32x Rough Blasting Powder*(32 Rough Stones)
    (These will be used for the Rough Dynamites)

    40-55 - 16x Rough Dynamites*(32 Rough Blasting Powder, 16 Linen Cloth)

    55-58 -*1x Arclight Spanner*(6 Copper Bars)
    (This will be necessary to build some items)

    58-85 -*9-10x Copper Tube*(18-20 Copper Bars, 9-10 Weak Flux)
    (Make sure to purchase a Blacksmith Hammer)

    85-97 -*20x Coarse Blasting Powder*(20x Coarse Stones)

    97-127 -*15x Silver Contact*(15x Silver Bars)
    (These will be used for other items)

    127-145 -*17x Heavy Blasting Powder*(17x Heavy Stones)
    (These will be used for the Bronze Bombs)

    145-151 -*2-4x Big Bronze Bomb*(4-8x Heavy Blasting Powder, 6-12x Bronze Bars, 2-4x Silver Contacts)

    151-175 -*20x Gold Power Core*(20x Gold Bars)
    (This is extremely slow but very cost-effective)

    175-178 -*1x Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor*(4x Steel Bar)
    (This will be necessary to build some items)

    178-196 -*40x Solid Blasting Powder*(80x Solid Stone) (only 30 solid blasting powders needed)
    (These will be used for other items)

    196-202 -*4x Mithril Tubes*(12x Mithril Bar)

    202-220 -*8x Unstable Triggers*(8x Mithril Bar, 8x Mageweave Cloth, 8x Solid Blasting Powder)

    220-232 -*6x Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs*(6x Mithril Bar, 6x Solid Blasting Powder)

    232-250 -*5x Spellpower Goggles Xtreme*(20x Thick Leather, 10x Star Ruby)

    250-262 -*10x Dense Blasting Powder*(20x Dense Stone) ( or less) , you just need 3 dense blasting powders)
    (These will be used for the Thorium Shells)

    262-268 -*8x Mithril Gyro-Shot*(16 Mithril Bar, 16x Solid Blasting Powder)

    268-292 -*9x Thorium Widget*(27x Thorium Bar, 9x Runecloth)

    292-300 -*3x Thorium Shell*(6x Thorium Bar, 3x Dense Blasting Powder)

    - Outlands -

    300-312 -*10-15x Elemental Blasting Powder*(15x Mote of Fire, 30x Mote of Earth) (only 30 powders needed in total)
    (These will be used for everything in this section)

    312-327 8x Fel Iron Bomb*(8x Fel Iron Casing, 16x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, 8x Elemental Blasting Powder)

    327-336 -*3x Adamantite Grenade*(12x Adamantite Bar, 6x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, 3x Elemental Blasting Powder)

    336-357 -*19x Green Smoke Flare*(19x Elemental Blasting Powder, 19x Netherweave Cloth, 19x Green Dye)

    Recipe Location:
    Neutral: Fedryen Swiftspear in Cenarion Refuge, Zangarmarsh. Requires Cenarion Circle - Friendly, so just do two quests from the camp.

    - Northrend -
    (The expensive part)
    357-363 -*4x Handful of Cobalt Bolts*(8x Cobalt Bar) only 8 bolts needed
    (These will be used for other items)

    363-381 -*17x Volatile Blasting Trigger*(51x Cobalt Bar, 17x Crystallized Water)
    (These will be used for other items)

    381-384 -*3x Hammer Pick*(15x Cobalt Bar)

    384-393 -*7x Explosive Decoy*(7x Frostweave Cloth, 21x Volatile Blasting Trigger)

    393-399 -*3x Froststeel Tube*(24x Cobalt Bar, 3x Crystallized Water)
    (These will be used for the next craft)

    399-408 -*3x Diamond-cut Refractor Scope*(3x Froststeel Tube, 6x Handful of Cobalt Bolts)

    408-414 -*2x Box of Bombs*(10x Saronite Bar, 2x Volatile Blasting Trigger)

    411-417 -*1x Healing Injector Kit*(12x Saronite Bar, 2x Handful of Cobalt Bolts)

    417-426 -*7x Mana Injector Kit*(84x Saronite Bar, 14x Crystallized Water)

    426-432 -*2x MOLL-E*(16x Saronite Bar, 16x Eternal Air)

    432-438 -*2x Heartseeker Scope*(20x Saronite Bar, 4x Twilight Opal)

    438-447 -*3x Gnomish Army Knife*(30x Saronite Bar, 3x Skinning Knife, 3x Mining Pick, 3x Blacksmith Hammer)

    447-450 -*1x Wormhole Generator: Northrend*(8x Titanium Bar, 2x Eternal Shadow, 2x Eternal Water, 2x Eternal Fire, 2x Eternal Air)
    Edited: November 6, 2021

  6. Guide seem to be accurate.
    I leveled engineering last night from 0 - 350 on my gnome, and this is what I have to add...

    I had to farm "20x Heavy Stone" killing low level (~30) mobs, since the price for this is stupid on AH.
    I used only 15/20 Gold Bars.
    I used only 22/41 Mithril Bars.
    I used only 2/14 Star Ruby's and 4/28 Thick Leather.
    I used only 10/15 Silver Bars.

    Needed 10x Fel Iron Bar to make the Bolts.
    I used only 10/35 Motes of Fire and 20/70 Motes of Earth.
    I did not use any of the 12 Adamantite Bar's.

    Overall guide made it really smooth, but I had some leftovers.
    If you are not so good with Gold, or want to save as much as you can, I will advise you to follow it step by step.
    Buy what you are making at the moment from the list and keep on going.

    Green Smoke Flare from Fedryen Swiftspear in Cenarion Refuge, Zangarmarsh was a god send since every time I leveled engineering previously, the part from 340-350 was really hard and expensive.

    Gnome does have +15 Engineering skill, so that might have affected the end results, so take this with a grain of salt.
    However, I would still not buy 15 Silver Bars, 14 Star Ruby's, 41 Mithril Bars and 12 Adamantite Bar's from the get go since they are expensive, and would get them one by one, or stack at the time as I get to that point.
    Even if you do end up with some material leftovers, you can always resell them on AH anyway.

    Northrend part is easy, and kind of cant save you a lot of money anyway and it depends on if you plan to stop at ~410 for the enchants and bombs or go more for other stuff like Jeeves etc...

    Overall a nice guide all I can say. :D
    Hi Gnimo, can you tell me how you didn't use any of the adamantite bars pls?

  7. There has to be an alternative for the Mithril Gyro shot. That requires way too much luck as it is green.

  8. May 25, 2022  

  9. June 2, 2022  

    Neutral: Fedryen Swiftspear in Cenarion Refuge, Zangarmarsh
    You actually need a friendly reputation status.

  10. June 9, 2022  
    Saw this asked earlier but don't see a response. The trainers don't have Wormhole Generator recipe for me. Can anyone tell me where to find it?

  11. Wormhole Generator is a WOTLK recipe, and as such must be learned from a Grand Master Engineering Trainer, AKA any trainer in Northrend.
    On the off-chance that something's wrong with your character here's a list of those trainers:

    Binkie Brightgear Neutral, Icecrown

    Timofey Oshenko Neutral, Dalaran

    Chief Engineer Leveny Horde, Borean Tundra

    Jamesina Watterly Horde, Howling Fjord

    Sock Brightbolt Alliance, Borean Tundra

    Tisha Longbridge Alliance, Howling Fjord

    If the recipe is not taught by these trainers and you don't already know it make a ticket.

    I don't check the forums very often but I do play actively, so a second disclaimer should be made: this guide requires an iq of at least 70 to use proficiently.
    I apologize to anyone who thinks they have been wronged here, but the guide works perfectly and no amount of mats on any guide should be taken literally because of the RNG nature of MMOs.

  12. Leveled Enginnering following this guide, ended up spending 5-6k gold and it was very accurate

  13. I am actually amazed how accurate this guide is taking into consideration significant risk of green recipe crafting. Followed this guide. Other then red gems or whatever they are called, I haven't spent a dime!

  14. 1 Week Ago  
    Supremely useful, thank you bro!!!

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