1. June 2, 2020  

    -A-Guild Killjoys LF New ppl to join us and help us in Arena and Bg s


    -Killjoys is a guild with the principle and code if you don't know what that means check in the link below
    -We are looking for loyal players to join our course, we are looking for experienced players and also new players who have the desire and will to learn how to improve their game
    -We will also have guild events such as 2s 3s and BG with all classes are welcome

    -Also all the time you dedicate to our guild will be rewarded because when you dedicate time to someone it is the most precious gift because you can never give it back so don't waste your time without a connection
    -Also every one need to have discord cuz social skills is important

    If u wanna join our principle and code u can w/m in game Alerfe or join our discord https://discord.gg/mkAU2d or [email protected]
    Edited: June 2, 2020

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