1. Realm's BEST BLACKSMITH - Horde side

    With a readied hammer and anvil

    Horde's best blacksmith

    is once again open for business.

    What makes me the best?

    I'm the Horde's most complete Blacksmith (Master Axesmith subspecialty) that's active daily and cheaper than the competition by 50% on average.

    I'm able to meet you anywhere though most common meeting places I use are Dalaran and Orgrimmar.
    Consistent farming and late hour auction house camping landed me on 98.70% completion or 455/461 currently obtainable plans.
    Below you can find my price list and available plans. Please bear in mind that I'm looking for work and crafting only with your materials and as such prices will reflect the minimum tipping amounts (not the item prices).

    Price list:
    Spoiler: Show

    You're welcome to tip more if you're feeling generous or if you liked the service.
    To check for item levels in-game hit Escape button > go to Interface > go to Display > tick Show Item Level > inspect the item

    • Icecrown Citadel tier plans (item level 264): 100 gold
    • Trial of the Crusader tier plans (item level 245): 60 gold
    • Ulduar tier plans (item level 226): 50 gold
    • Naxxramas and RDF Heroic tier plans (item level 213, item level 200): 40 gold
    • Miscellaneous: Inquire in-game or down below

    Very rare old plans (commonly used for transmogrification) cost no more than 100 gold. Inquire in-game or down below for details.
    Subplans (e.g. Vengeance Bindings used in Titanium Spikeguards) are free of charge (if the major plan is being crafted)!

    Spoiler: Show

    To avoid clutter and spam only missing plans will be stated. For a complete list of all available plans refer to this link or whisper me in-game for a profession link.

    • Plans: Gauntlets of the Iron Tower (Outland world drop)
    • Plans: Hammer of Righteous Might (Outland world drop)
    • Plans: Indestructible Plate Girdle (Ulduar random boss drop)
    • Plans: Red Belt of Battle
    • Plans: Swiftsteel Bracers
    • Plans: Sunblessed Gauntlets

    I'm interested in buying plans colored in yellow. They are BoE. Send me a message in-game, on the forum or post a reply down below and we'll make a deal.

    I'm also an accomplished miner and I'm able to smelt rare ores such as Elementium, Dark Iron and Hardened Khorium. Prices vary depending on the smelting amount required. Inquire in-game or down below for details.

    I am online most days but if you can't seem to catch me please send an in-game mail with the time (server time) you'd like me to meet you or send the materials via mail for the item you wish me to craft and I'll C.O.D. it back ASAP.

    I can be found in-game under nickname Odin.

    Lordaeron, Horde side
    Edited: June 12, 2021 Reason: Added few details.

  2. Bumperino, still buying missing recipes.

  3. I recommend Odin, he is good lad.

    Here is prof : https://prnt.sc/v88crp

  4. Bump, missing plans were updated, still buying them.

  5. Still interested in buying recipes.

  6. Last 3 BoE recipes missing! Bumping to the top - offering up to 4k per plan.

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