1. helllo!!

    Hey im looking for someone to level with im from europe, any expasion is fine for me. Just want to level with someone :p

    Feeling her urgency, I knew the time for tender lovemaking could wait -- she needed release! I pushed her down flat, and began peeling the shorts and her thong down. She kicked off her shoes and raised her hips, letting me expose her hairless *****. God, she looks so sexy! Her all-over tan has no lines, and the golden skin is only a little lighter than my light brown complexion. The aroma of her arousal filled my nostrils, as I gazed on her slightly open outer labia, already glistening with wetness.
    Lowering my head, I slowly licked her ***** from bottom to top, savoring the first taste of her delicious sweetness. I looked up in her lust-filled eyes as I continued licking, easing my tongue deeper in her folds with each pass, until I could plunge my tongue fully into her warm depths.

    Gina was moaning, saying "Oh, baby, that's so good. Eat my *****. Make me cum. **** me baby." The flow of her fountain increased, and I drank deeply of her nectar. Her breathing was getting shallow and rapid, and I knew it would not take long for her to climax. I moved my mouth to the top of her slit, rubbing my tongue over her clitoral hood, coaxing the little nerve bundle out of hiding.

    With one hand tweaking her nipples, I took two fingers of my other hand and slid them easily into her moist cavern while I kept kissing, licking, and nibbling on her clit. Curling my fingers in, I found the soft tissues of her G spot, making her jump a little. I could feel her muscles tightening in her belly as the buildup grew, and in under a minute, she yelled "Aaaahhh, I'm gonna cum!" I kept massaging her G spot while I assaulted her clit, and her orgasm crested, her back arched as the pleasure took control.

    I pulled my fingers out as she came, and I moved down to clamp my mouth over her quivering *****. Her muscles collapsed as she fell from the summit, and I hungrily lapped her juices as they oozed out. Eyes closed, she was smiling as the waves passed through her, until they slowly faded.
    Moving up, I kissed her passionately, letting her taste herself from my lips and tongue. Putting my coated fingers between our mouths, we both licked her taste from my fingers, and kissed again. She looked at me dreamily, and whispered "Thank ya, darlin', that was just what I needed." I grinned and said "Mmmm, baby, anytime. You taste so divine!"
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