1. Noob to pvp

    Hello guys ,uhm, i dont have to much experience doing pvp so.. Im looking for a class, with a very simple rotation, and not too much key binds.

  2. UDK imo, check for rotations and macros on google. Nothing complicated.

  3. Unholy DK is not that simple in terms of mechanics, but it is very mistake-forgiving. So my choice for a beginner friendly class would be either unh dk or any paladin - simple and very strong.

  4. i watched somes guides of udk and its too much habilities for me . i dont understand ret pala

  5. If unh dk got too many abilities for you, I have some bad news about you being able to pvp at all. Yes, boomie got super few skills and it's easy to just pew pew on bgs, but if someone focuses you, you will die.

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