1. Advice for Trasmog

    Hi everyone, I've been playing on this server for many years and one thing I miss "not just me .." is the transmog crate farm. From my point of view, putting them back in could mean that there are more people who enter bg, especially people who are full wrath, so as to give everyone the way to have objects for transmog leaving those already present unique and unobtainable if not by arena and also insert scroll of deception in the seller's list, removing it from the gurubashi arena box which in my opinion is not accessible to everyone, since gangs are always created to take over it, replacing it with another prize.
    an example of sales could be:
    -crate for the transmog for sale at the cost of 10K of honor (the cost of the old server)
    -scroll of deception 10K honor. Hope this discussion can be taken into consideration =)

  2. I'm pretty sure they removed the scroll in gurubashi chest a really long time ago. At start yeah, i was there farming 2-3 scrolls a day. and then suddenly everyone stopped, ppl todl me we cant get scrolls that way anylonger. And i even tried with my paladin 2 months ago for the SM quest (get 5 arena trinkets) and got 0 scrolls out of the 5 chests i opened.
    And yeah, scrolls for honor or arena points would be great, but if they allow us to get them this way, you wont need to pay real money to get them for 10euros on the store.
    It probably wont happen....

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