1. Sam.Hardwel x M.M l- lost&found (new edm genre)

    Hey all!
    i am back again and show my one of the best track(s) right here.
    its a collab with my old friend,m.m(maximus marte).
    The Lost & Found its an interesting new genre, because its not the typical edm /future bass.

    I'm a ghost producer,im started all for"learn" in the internet.
    I can make many type,; bigroom, future bass, melbourne bounce, hardstyle, dubstep, electro, etc.

    Countless times I have had the good fortune to meet or talk to famous producers, most notably Hardwell, Kshmr, Aria, Firstrikerz, etc.

    This artists sayed me, i o need giving up, every big artist started all ,like me.
    here the link,i really hope u guys like it, enjoy and let me know below your comment if u have any idea or you also interested learn/make traccks.


    Btw: Sorry about my english not too shiny, i am from Hungarian im 21 year old, and im lern the english language )
    Edited: November 11, 2020

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