1. Hello everyone this thing is very very sad how we got scammed is so unrespectful i spend 75k honor and 1050 stone keepers shard that i changed for honor so is like 136k of honor and gold for enchant those items and gold for the gems , and i delete my waist and boots the old ones !
    I open ticket also in game , my character name is Athor
    items removed Wrathful Gladiator's Girdle of Triumph(68300 honor) and Wrathful Gladiator's Greaves of Triumph (68000 honor) and i spend a lot of time farming that honor ! so please give us back our item , this is not fair at all !

  2. Hey guys. you removed my wrahfulgear from voa25 and from this morning when I bought wrathful for arena points I thought it was live realese. I lost 9000 arena points and lots of gold for enchants and scrolls for transmog. I want everything back as it was. arena points and my wrahful gear. the gold I ignore I can farm. I saved all season my arena points for buy honor and gems today/tomorrow now all is gone! and i get 2350 arena rating today to buy relentless tabard and now i cant becous i dont get my points back and its only 1 day left.

    my char name is Tjack

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