1. Warmanes - Icecrown realm going bad slowly.

    Am I the only one noticing that things slowly go from bad to worse each day ? For example ICC - First things that were majorly bugged were Marrowgar flames and Gunship Battle . Then the ID bug when lead gets DC in Dalaran appeared. Sindy started being attackable from the opening flight towards the group , which actually makes positioning it trickier. Then Vali adds that do not spawn properly and are way less than they were/should be. Gunship Battle is now even worse . Since this week we have bug on LK too where spirits dont fly down in p3 and so on. And that is only this raid . And dont get me wrong , I am impressed and enjoy the things that work so well , some of them I saw work for the first time ever when I started on Warmane and this is the only reason I donate monthly , but still the question stands - Am I the only one noticing it ? And are these things known and worked on ?
    Great Day everybody and Happy upcoming holidays !

  2. well ye it seems the bugs are new and rly annoying.

  3. Yeah I'm also surprised that gunship got bugged and many other things. Like , who is even working there? How do you bug something if it was working for years. Must be either inexperienced people or someone doing it intentionally so you have to buy gear if some boss is unkillable.

    Either way , the quality is down and I can't bear that ID bugs are still here. I am playing on this server for 2+ years and never ID's have been bugged. Everyone could enter in the raid before the leader or whatever the fk you do it's fine.

    Now ? Leader gets dissconneted once --> ID changed, leader gets into the raid later --> ID changed, leader goes to dalaran --> OOOPS Leader doesn't see anyone, he must reset the raid and bring mobs back inside :).

    Yeah it's definitely stupid and this bug lasts for MONTHS, like from April and more.

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