1. Returning Player Enquries!

    Hi all,

    I played WOLTK (on a different server) before like 7-8yrs ago I think? and I'm returning to WOW with a bunch of friends. I have some questions regarding the server and hope you guys can help me.

    1. We just hit lvl 80 yesterday and our Gear scores are around 2.1k-2.3.k. So how should we progress? we do daily RDF (for EoT), daily BG
    2. how do we farm EoT? (is it even farmable at the first place)
    3. FOS/POS/HoR seems to require around 3kish for Normal runs (do you guys suggest for us to do daily RDFs NM first to hit these 3kish?)
    4. EoF only drops from ICC correct? or we have a way to farm this?
    5. Once we have access to heroic RDF and heroic version of FOS/POS/HoR should we run it right away?

    P.S we're looking for a social guild (not necessarily end game) since we're "NOT" their yet and we're still trying to progress and enjoy the game slowly. :) (Horde)

    Thanks everyone!!!

  2. 1. Start farming FoS, PoS and HoR heroic every day and once you do that just spam them on normal. You'll have to make custom walk-in parties since your gs is too low to que via RDF.
    2. You make a walk-in party for any of the dungeons I listed above and do them as many as you can on normal mode. PoS is the fastest one with first 2 bosses taking least time to get triumph, then go out and reset.
    3. Read above. Make sure to buy what cheap BoE's you can grab from the AH to boost up your gs.
    4. ICC, weekly raid quest (Flame Leviathan is the easiest), VoA, RS. If you're low GS you can do only weekly quest and maybe VoA when you hit about 5k gs.
    5. Yes.

  3. 1. Do quests for reputation on your downtime. Get at least honored/revered to get decent rewards. Since you do quests, you also get few nice items to boost your GS and gold during the process. I recommend getting AtlasLoot addon, easy to check what reputation factions sells what items.
    1.1 Do 1 RDF Normal a day so you get your daily EoT, then do specific higher level ones (77+). Higher level ones will naturally drop better loot to boost your GS. You don't need to do further (RDF) normals when you reach RDF HC. Unless you wish to queue specific for FoS PoS HoR ToC.
    1.2 Try to get a hold of FoS PoS ToC runs that accept you with the GS you have, but don't expect too much.
    1.3 ICC reputation for easy 251 ring, when you hit friendly with Ashen Verdict. Higher iLvl with higher reputation. I usually farm till friendly or honored.

    2. When you get to decent iLvl, you can start joining FoS PoS farms for EoT and better quality items, and RDF HC's for daily EoF and more EoT. I prefer to spam RDF HC for EoT, and FoS PoS HoR ToC based on gear they drop. Do what feels the best for you though.

    3. In addition to answers to 1 & 2, I recommend checking AH for cheap rare and epic BoE's. 187 - 200 iLvl rares aren't that pricey, and they're good to boost that GS. Epic BoE's can be pricey, doubt you'll have the cash for it. Nor is it worth to buy 200-226 epics for 1K, when you can get 200 iLvl rare for 100g..

    4. ICC, Weekly Raid "X Must Die!" (Naxx, OS, EoE, Ulduar & ToC 10/25 (There's one to ICC, but you won't be doing it with low GS). I usually do Naxx & OS ones, VoA (but only from Toravon the Ice Watcher).
    5. Of course.

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