1. I just noticed Almost all people run ICC or VOA. I checked AtlastlootFU it seems like Eye of Eternity, Naxx, Ulduar, Obsidian Sanctum are also valiable on reaching higher ilvl gears, no one runs them?
    That's cuz fos, pos and hor offer 219-232ilvl items, which are typically better than the low-tier raids you mentioned above. That's why angrylol and I advised you to farm those three dungeons and not bother with the aforementioned raid instances. People still do them but only for the sake of gathering achievements and/or tmog.

    RS is an end-game raid. Idunno why you haven't seen anyone spamming it in /global and /trade chat yet, but I can assure you that players continue to form pug raids for it. The GS requirements for that are higher than ICC, that's why I didn't mention it in my post. I thought that you were interested in closing the gap between your character's gs and the average IC player's.
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  2. That makes sense. I'm having a problem replacing my offset pieces so I was thinking of running them. Anyway does all raids lockdown reset on a wednesday? Thanks!

  3. no one runs them?
    Nope. That's the illness of any WotLK server and, in general, the illness of WoW itself. Even within a single expansion most of the raids become forgotten.
    We're currently watching how Frostmourne realm performs to solve the problem.

  4. I thought that you were interested in closing the gap between your character's gs and the average IC player's.
    Yes! I'm currently sitting at 4.9k. When do weekly raids resets? :)

    Also I just notice now that theres no "furious" weapon here (PVP) or Im just dumb that I cant see the NPC?

  5. Oh nice. Looking forward for that "Solution" :D

  6. Yes! I'm currently sitting at 4.9k. When do weekly raids resets? :)

    Also I just notice now that theres no "furious" weapon here (PVP) or Im just dumb that I cant see the NPC?
    I haven't played seriously on IC for a while, but I think that the weekly quests reset every Friday at 6 am ST. Could you link us your armoury, so that we could give you more specific tips where what to farm? For example, I want to see whether you can still gear your character in fos, pos, and hor. Did you follow our advice to buy items from the vote shop? I forgot to mention that doing ICC rep runs is also quite beneficial since you can obtain your BiS ring once you become Exalted with the Ashen Verdict.

    As for your second question, sadly I don't know anything related to PVP. Sorry.
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  7. Here's my Armory http://armory.warmane.com/character/...ecrown/summary

    I did buy some times on "trade" section. but sadly i dont have any coins left to buy those 23 vote points gears >_< for the ICC rep run yes me and my friend planning to do it for the ashen verdict exalted ring :)

    Thank you!

  8. "Easy" and farmable:
    219 Shield - HoR Normal (Marwyn)
    232 Weapon - PoS HC (Tyrannus)
    219 Belt - FoS PoS HoR (trash mobs)
    251+ Ring - ICC rep (Farming for Friendly/Honored is enough)
    200 Trinket - ToC 5 Normal (The Black Knight)

    Next step:
    VoA 10 & 25
    ToC 10 and 25
    Ony 10 and 25 (10man doesn't offer much anything anymore)
    Any ICC you can get into

  9. I would like to clarify something:

    Vote Points =/= Coins. While it's admirable to donate and support the server, there's also a store for vote points, which you can obtain for free. You just need to log in the site and collect them. Afterwards, you can use them in the "Store" section as it's shown on the following pic:

    Anyway, back to the main topic. I wasn't aware that you played as a tank. Since tanks are kinda sparse in WoW, people can become a bit more lenient towards the gear requirements. Exceptions are made for certain individuals as long as they are competent in what they are doing, or if the raid leader is really desperate, especially if he couldn't fill the spot for a long period of time. In other words, if you've read guides on tanking, you know how to use your CDs, and you know how to approach the bosses in certain raid instances, you could do what OhieMitzen suggested and join the aforementioned raids.

    VoA and Ony shouldn't be a problem to pug since the mechanics are quite straightforward. Back on Icecrown, I didn't mind pugging them because people typically knew what to do there. However, the keywords here are 'shouldn't' and 'typically'. I've been in VoA raids where people ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, and most of the time they ended up with an embarassing RO. Again, when doing pug raids with a bunch of people from global, always set your expectations low! I don't want to discourage you but to let you know that you have to accept those scenarios as something normal and don't let them ruin your game experience.

    As for ICC - I believe that your gear might be sufficient for a full clear 10-man raid. It might even be good enough for LK 25-man, but due to my lack of knowledge in the tanking spec I can only hypothesise such things. I also agree with OhieMetzen that it's high time you start doing those raids. However, listen to my initial advice and try to do them with your guild! Pug them only if you can't be included in your gruns prior to the reset! It's bad if you join a pug group and RO on LDW, but it's even worse to skip that raid and not get any emblems or potentially useful items.

    The reason why I am advising you to stick to guild runs is because you and your guild will benefit from it the most. You'll have the possibility to coordinate your actions with the help of Discord (you can ask a healer for a specific CD or the MT/OT to taunt your target, e.g. Toravon the Ice Watcher or Professor Putricide on Phase 3), you'll gain a lot of experience from the boss fights which will make you more confident (imagine how the raid can't kill a certain boss; in a pug group people will usually RO after 2 or 3 failed attempts, but your GM will tell your teammates to stay and practise so that you will become accustomed to it in the future), or you will get constructive feedback in case you do a mistake on a particular encounter. By learning more about your class and the fights, you become an invaluable asset to the guild. In a pug run, people typically lose their patience whenever something goes south (check my first post in your thread). They will cause a premature RO, and you won't be able to progress further or learn anything new. It's a rare occasion when people don't mind regrouping and continuing a raid on another day. So, if you decide to pug ToC or ICC, you have to expect everything to happen and be satisfied with how things turn out at the end. Good luck gearing your character further!

    [edit] If you start doing ICC, you will be able to complete yet another type of a weekly quest. The rewards for it are 5x EoFs and sometimes a gem or a BOE. In the best case scenario, you'll get Blood Queen's Crimson Choker which sells on the ah for a lot. Once you obtain better gear, you can consider tanking the minibosses in RS for some extra EoFs.
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  10. Hi All! just an updated currently sitting at 5kish and i did VOA 25 last night unfortunately no drops for me :( Thanks for your guidance and help! btw I have a question about the weekly naxx quest for EOF and EOT. Do people kill all bosses inside or skip only until instructor razuvious?

  11. I have a question about the weekly naxx quest for EOF and EOT. Do people kill all bosses inside or skip only until instructor razuvious?
    I'd like to clarify something: People usually complete the OS and the Ulduar weekly quests because these are by far the easiest. People, who plan to raid ICC or ToC, also finish their respective missions. If you don't pick up any of those quests, you just look for a group that offers them. Accepting such a quest doesn't disappear from your quest log after the week passes. Because of this, people keep certain weekly quests on their alts and share them with other players, so that the latter could form a raid, and the other guys could come on their mains and claim the juicy rewards.

    [edit] About the OS and Ulduar weekly quests:

    In all honesty, "Flame Leviathan must day" is probably easier than the Sartharion one, but due to "Satchel of Spoils" people love to down him instead. I believe that there might be another explanation for why the latter instance is so popular. You see, in the Flame Leviathan encounter people have to drive vehicles and use abilities, which are unfamiliar to them. I think that some players don't want to be bothered with memorising new roles, hence why they feel more comfortable with playing their current character. This was the case for me back on Icecrown - I was in raids, where people didn't know what to do on that mechanical boss, and we lost patience learning the fight after 1-2 failed attempts. Once I started playing on FM, I saw how easy the fight actually is. In that realm, you need around 4 people for FL 10 and 8 for the 25-man version of it, and that's with much lower gs (i.e. ilvl) and a buff to the boss's health, mind you. I believe that the fight is easier on Icecrown. If you can find someone with engineering, they can salvage the boss and receive a lot of eternals.

    In OS, you are better off going as a full group, but on Icecrown you can ignore some mechanics without any worries. In all honesty, I don't remember dying to the fire waves back when I used to play in that realm. I treated the dragon as a big, mean practice dummy. Maybe as a tank you have to position yourself in a safe spot when the waves appear, so that you don't die from his abilities, but I wanted to point out that on Icecrown this boss is fairly simple and beloved for pugging.
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  12. Hi sorry so these weekly quest changes. What i got is the instructor razuvious. But seems like no one is doing them anymore since If i remembered correctly i accepted this 2 weeks back. So do you suggest for me to abandon this and take the current weekly quest? :)

  13. Yes, because it resets tomorrow, you will get 10 EoFs in 2 days just by this weekly. Or join whatever OS/Naxx/ToC/Uld weekly quest raid is forming

  14. Hello. so weekly quest resets every monday?

  15. Hello. so weekly quest resets every monday?
    Friday nights (EU time).

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