1. Hardly an issue. What's next, fact that you cant kill level 80 with your level 43 char is not fair and needs to be fixed? Geared players oneshotting nakeds is by DESIGN.

    Yeah, I made a new char, got stomped. Earned gear and now I'm stomping new chars. Where exactly is that real issue?

  2. WHY WHY WHYYYYYY !!! i come from Frostmourne and in BG now it's just NOT FUN OMG... full icecrown people and blackrock full power ranger 270 on my FACE with my 251 gear and my 213 helm... JUST STOP IT PLEASEEEEE wtf i want """"""""PLAY"""""""" not die evrytime and can't deal with that... what are you doing ?want figth with same gear people in same serv why fusion now??? can you wait 3 ou 4 month OMG why i have make a caracter on this serv why i haven't doing on icecrown directly...

  3. Blackrock, a literal fun server style realm, has no business being in bgs with any other realm, especially Frostmourne. It's doing a great job at ruining bgs for the entirety of Warmane.

  4. They aren't useless at all, if you dont like them, come after a week when they are geared. As every fresh 80. Also if you dont like the wotlk BG experience, you may try the arena feature. Where you play vs bis geared in high ratings. Or a cataclysm server with rbg. Wich seems more of your liking.

  5. I'm no developper but i guess separating BG based on GS would require much less work than creating special events, such as Deathmatch PVP and Azshara raid.

  6. I'm no developper but i guess separating BG based on GS would require much less work than creating special events, such as Deathmatch PVP and Azshara raid.
    The events are not related to brackets or gear score. And just for FYI, gear score is an added addition to the game, it is not in the main game as in-game mechanics are base on ilevel

  7. Blackrock having the same BG with Frostmourne is just bad design, it is just bad thinking. You create a realm for those who are new players and once they get some GS (which is actually nothing, since you start fighting with Blackrock and Icecrown people once you hit 4.5k) you get obliterated with people who already had a head start of gems, full enchants and a relentless full PVP set, while most Frostmourne and some Icecrown/Lordaeron players are still mixing in PvE items to boost out their already low GS.
    It is simply unfair, the resilience difference alone kills most players who aren't skilled enough, and lets remember we are talking mainly about a NEW PLAYERS REALM.

  8. I think everyone is entitled their own opinion in this matter for sure.

  9. I agree with separating Blackrock from other realms. In world of warcraft there should be a sense of progression gear in PVP as much as in PVE. Basically you are saying that, if you are not full rele+gem+enchant+proff, you are just not worth to play bg? Because you can just create a char in blackrock and you are already over that gear.

    Also, lets be clear with something, 95% of blackrock players aren't new to Wotlk. However in other realms there is a bigger percentage of new players. They cannot do PVP with furious gear/ progressing into higher GS to play pvp? or you are just promoting people to pay for gear in store so they can PVP on icecrown/frostmourne? Idk, it just doesn't feel good for me. Hell it doesn't feel good for anyone unless you play in Blackrock, where you literally put 0 effort on getting gear.

  10. I hope we can get Blackrock seperated from Frostmourne because the bgs are just plain boring now after the merge. I play on horde side and to me it seems like horde is for fun mostly and alliance is all tryhard. There are literally 8/10 Blackrock players every game and I didn't really go to Frostmourne to play with the other servers in the end.(Blackrock server more so). I would be okay with Lordaeron and potentially Icecrown, because atleast then there would be progression with the gear levels. With progression also comes some skill to it. Which is rarely found in my games with a full Blackrock team.
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  11. I'm lost... made this post to talk about the gear difference and how the past system of "2 separate bracket" depending on "GS" would solve most of the issues..
    But you're all there.. crying about blackrock..

    I might be dumb, but, what's the difference between the servers ?

    If you're from a fresh 80 from lordaeron and get rekt by bis from Icecrown/lordaeron/blackrock isn't is the same as being from:
    Icecrown and being rekt by bis from blackrock/icecrown and lordaeron?
    And if you're a fresh 80 with 5k gs from blackrock and get rekt by bis from ice crown/lordaeron/blackrock?

    Again, i might be wrong, but what's up with this blackjack hate?

    We're here to find solution to the BG problem. Everybody agrees on how the gear difference is ruining everything for everyone..

    So why should we focus on hating blackrock instead of fixing Gear difference? For example like with the old system of "2 separate bracket"... One high GS and one low GS...

    For those of you who can't understand the idea i'll make it clearer:

    You're 2k GS with half green/half empty slots on your gear. It doesn't matter if you're from Blackrock/Icecrown or Lordaeron, you should play with people within the same GEAR LEVEL as you.
    => you'll face and play with ppl around 2k gs.

    And if you're BIS, whenever if you're from Blackrock/Icecrown or Lordaeron, you should play with BIS people.

    so you'll never cry again about the " ohh no i'm only 8k health and im getting oneshotted by 6k5 from lord/blackrock/icecrown....."

    And for all of you saying Blackrock isn't a progression server, i would like to invite you to actually go there, instead of talking about it. You'll see that gear isn't free, if you want to be BIS you have to farm. And farm hard, improve you skill, get better. Which is not the case on any PVE serv. where you can just get carried to 6k5 without even reading your spells.
    The progression is more SKILL BASED than GEAR BASED.

  12. This thread should have ended with this post, really...
    This should be better with new devlog: https://www.warmane.com/devlog

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