1. Evidence of The Ninja

    The few times ive requested a GM look into incidents re "the Ninja", I have been told to provide evidence by way of screen shot.
    I dont know why my Print Screen prints my Desktop rather than my game screen, but that is the case and i have been unable to provide a screen shot.
    Even if i could, by time ive discussed the matter in fairness to give the culprit the opportunity to give me my tanking gear or such, the shot of him Needing on tanking gear, as dps, is long gone by.

    In the past on Blizzard however, a screen shot was not required.

    If there was any problem whether in chat or re ninja gear, i would write a ticket and mention the name of the player and the time, and link the gear or key word. They would do an in-game search of the server log for key words at given time and never had any problem finding it and dealing with it. Its just a basic search of the game script. You dont need screen shots. Simply need admin to open the game log and do a search for key words within certain time frame.

  2. We're not Blizzard. We have our own policies and procedures.

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