1. multibox arenas and the rules

    UPDATE: This seems to now be bannable!

    So i'm trying to get some folks in my guild to make a team to fight against me.

    They're worried it's against the rules to fight me.

    [redacted]: just to be safe
    [redacted]: should make ticket and ask actual gm and screenshot answer if its all good
    [redacted]: or post on forum

    I can't see how it's any different than any other fight. Everywhere I look the only thing I see that's not allowed is "win trading". (I told them they would probably win because I suck, but I fully intended to try and beat them.)

    Has this been answered anywhere that I can show people so they're not scared?

    Edited: February 19, 2021

  2. It's probably not best to do this in the arena system in general. There are a few FFA world arenas that you can use for this though. The two arenas that are widely considered the most balanced are available in the game world in Nagrand and Blade's Edge Mountains.

  3. I asked this same question recently in-game to gms. Cariner says A-OK to playing arenas as a multibox but im certian you cant arrange fights.


  4. I've also been for a while now multiboxing in 2v2 arenas, managing to reach 1500 rating with 2 elemental shamans twice with just under 50% winrate in order to get myself some wrathful gear.

    I'd already figured that there was no harm in this since I couldn't really be accused of letting anybody win while sitting at 1500 MMR with ~45% wins obtained against hundreds of different players. Feel free to look up the team "A twit multiboxing twos" on the armory if you want to see replays of all that.

    I think what OP wants to know though is where the staff stands when it comes to 5v5 instead. With that bracket being dead the majority of the time, teams to fight there kinda have to be looked for, even if the outcome isn't arranged. Bonus points if we're talking about multiboxer vs multiboxer.

    Although, looking at the current state of the 5v5 ladder, you'd think anything goes, considering some dude is sitting at 2K rating from literally fighting himself.

  5. if you're looking to do 5vs5 with multiboxing teams, forget it. warmane ain't allowing that. i had both my teams banned for "wintrading" by doing just that.
    and all i was doing was gathering arena points, to gear them up with relentless gear.

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