1. May 5, 2021  
    Activision-Blizzard Q1 2021 financials: Blizzard has lost almost 29% of its overall active playerbase in three years
    In case you didnt know BFA was really really really bad.

  2. May 9, 2021  
    I follow the story and I watch the youtube videos, but no way I would buy shadowlands...

    And I thought the consensus, at least from reading their forums, is that it's the worst xpac ever

    No no no, that was WoD. Shadowlands isn’t that great but WoD was so much worse! Blizzards just dealing with Covid issues so they’re behind scheduling. If 9.1 had come out sooner I don’t think people would really mind as much. But as any expansion it does have its game design issues like a lot of silly, gimmicks in endgame that are more annoying then they’re worth. Stories a little off as well as no one really knows much about the jailer short of he created the LK to destroy Azeroth.

  3. May 9, 2021  
    In case you didnt know BFA was really really really bad.
    WoW isn't solely responsible for those numbers though.

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