1. So finally after about 1 month of silence, no reply from any QA staff nor Hisue, we get a answear! Fall in line and shut up or quit playing.
    I find it quite amusing that not a single thread from the staff about this was written before the change or after the change.. instead we only get a little bugtracker notice. This is a thing that do affect whole server, since it's influecing the pvp stage of all brackets (Yes even 80s, but ofc they got RBG).
    I've seen some threads by your colleagues about some twinking aspect, where you guys wanted to hear the opionon about the change etc before implenting it. Quite funny to see such a dedication for the twinks yet it did only affect such a small amount of them, yet when it comes to such a big thing like this... NOTHING.
    I've got a funny quote from there actually, let me see;
    '' This is obviously not intended to be used in low-level battlegrounds as it provides a rather overpowered amount of stats at lower levels. Blizzard has fixed this in the following expansion as it became a more prominent issue. '' *linked at end*
    So this quoute is from the staff member that did start that poll about fish feasts for lower bracket. Here he says that blizzard did change it in the latter expansion and yet you guys are interested to implent that fix here ''just to balance'' things?
    Wasn't this what you said Obnox? ''You're playing on a Wrath of the Lich King server. The change made it so it works the way it should on Wrath of the Lich King.''
    When did this start to becoming ''let's fix everything that blizzard did do later on but we are still a lich king server?'', let's fix death knights spells as blizzard did in WOD Patch 8.2.1 (no pun intended?).

    For a private server to hit big and good, it needs to keep somewhat of the blizzlike experience, but yet make it unique and try to strive for the players to enjoy it and to make more players wanna come and play. You guys have implented SOD (tmog), SoloQ, crossrealm, mercenary mode etc, all those stuff to boost the uniqueness and to make everyone enjoy all aspects. Some of these stuff wasn't avaible during the WOLTK era of Blizzard so yet it seems like Warmane have dodge your defend point ''''You're playing on a Wrath of the Lich King server. The change made it so it works the way it should on Wrath of the Lich King.''.
    Having this CTA was a uniqueness (I would love to see RBG for 71-79 personal, that would be insane) since it made people to come from other servers to enjoy it = more players on your server. As i've experienced during last month is that we lost dozen of players since this removal and that's a loss for you.
    So let me recap; unique = bring more players = they like it = their friends comes = even more win for you. It's also a way to keep your active players to stay, if they are on the urge to quit, they might find the pvp in the lower brackets, stay there and then start play on their 80 and lower lvl charc (Dozen of players do that. Take away B might make them rather quit then go full mode on A).

    We spoke about the uniqueness and what to drag more players to a certain server. I do understand you guys gives 0 ***** about every single indiviual or what they think, but doing stuff that do affect huge amount of people will hit back and eventually might be the reason why no thread was started. It's all about satisfiying the whole groups.. Satisify the loremasters by fixing some quests, make the 80 pvpers glad by implenting a SoloQ, make the tmogfanbois glad by implenting a scroll system -> and the show goes on.
    If one of these things would've not been implented to satifisy one of the bigger grps, alot players would gone away. And i can tell you, hitting the whole twinking community with these answears.... it's quite big.

    For me it's all about uniquness, drag more players, enjoy the game even more than what it was during ''retail'', you had it for ages and now suddenly.. gone..
    *Ping* Don't compare your numbers to blizzards one, who knows what is correct and what is not?

    Cheers anyways for finally open the words about the changes.
    Your sincerly.

    *The link i talked about at start* http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=426835

  2. 3 hours for a Isle of Conquest queue in prime time. People just cant concentrate on big BGs or different BGs then mainstream anymore. I really cant understand why keeping this change that just made the game more boring and less enjoyable for everyone.

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