1. Soloque MMR / Overall arena experience


    Changes MUST be made to balance PvP experience and highlight who is truly skilled rather than who is dominant because of the class they play. This is not Blizz-like server so that you refuse to change. In blizz-like server, Rank 1 would be carrying full PvP offsets/weapons usually, not SM and full 25ICC heroic offsets. In blizz-like servers, warriors couldn't 3 shot a healer...

    First, I would like to discuss the unfair/abused soloque system. Currently, when you que, you're matched up with similar MMR team-mates regardless of who you're facing. So, assuming that the only 2500 MMR people quing at that time is you, and 2 other people, you will 99% be in the same team. After that, assuming that the other highest MMR below you quing at that time are 2000 MMR players, then you will face those guys.

    Lets say : player A, B, and C are 2500 MMR. And player X, Z, Y are 2000 MMR, It will ends up like this:

    Match 1: A+B+C vs X+Z+Y
    Match 2: A+B+C vs X+Z+Y
    Match 3: A+B+C vs X+Z+Y
    Match 4: A+B+C vs X+Z+Y
    and so on. we all know A,B, and C will always win.

    So is it fair that 3 high skilled players matched up against 3 lower skilled players? Certainly not ! The worst part is, what if A+B+C also have the better combo? They will 99% dominate and win every round. This is not skill based match up but rather abused unfair system.

    In another scenario, you're at 2500 MMR, matched up with similar rated people. Now, what if your opponent have a NO brainer combo that melts you down. We all know how priests are easily melted down vs Ret/hunter or Enh/warr. Now instead of easily climbing, you're quickly dropping down !

    So overall, the system right now can be highly in your favor or highly the opposite. It is not *fair* match up. What I would suggest is a system that sums up MMR and match each team equivalent to each other. For example, 1500+2000+1900 = 5400 MMR ( vs )1800+1800+1800 = 5400. If we take this as our measurement and sum up my first example, its gonna be 7500 MMR vs 6000 MMR. There 1500 MMR difference!!

    Because of this system, even if there is small difference, such as 2400 MMR team vs 2500 MMR team, it is still abused since you will be always matched up with 2400 MMR team mates. You would hope that the system changes your team mates with your opponents but that will never happen. You're stuck with the same comb against a specific comb. Or stuck with a bad player that you cannot avoid.

    One day I was facing LSP and my combo was "Ret/mage/disc priest." We lost, que again, same match up, we lost. Que again, same match up, lost... and so on. The system never changes my team mates because there are no other people quing with similar rating, and if there were, and they are in-game a soloque match, I will still instantly get matched up with the same people.

    Now, second thing I wanted to mention is the dominance of certain classes that should be slightly nerfed. Go look at top 100 in soloque and in 2v2. The most appearing classes in soloq: Shaman/pala/war. Now the most appearing classes in 2s are: war/pal combo or simply pala as a class. Not to mention that "preg spec" thing where it deals more damage than a mage and heals more than a priest while carrying a shield that absorbs more than disc. There is so much unfairness in this.

    In 2v2, Holy paladin and warrior (team) are most dominant for many reasons, one of which is the heroic gear. Not to mention the that most warriors here are using scripts to OP on cast that cannot be detected. Its frustrating and takes the fun away! Now 2v2 is absolutely boring. Is it not obvious yet? How many seasons do we have the same scenario of Hpal/war filling up the charts?

    My suggestions for Holy paladin changes is at LEAST nerf their mana sustain. They never oom. As a disc priest, I can go oom even after using Pet/Hymn of Hope while the pala still at 99% mana. As a druid, I can never outheal the warrior damage and I will oom soon enough to face the same ending.

    Nerf perg/spec healings and procs so that it can be similar to prot pala. In fact, a prot pala can go oom pretty quickly where preg never ooms.

    The situation now is like (go play pala if you want to win, and buy some scripts while you at it boy!) :/
    Edited: February 12, 2021

  2. bull****, you lost me on (go play pala if you want to win).

  3. If you want my personal take on this... Quit arenas altogether. Stop giving them rating and the illusion that they're deserving of the titles/gear they are obtaining. Let scripters play among scripters until some drastic measures that confirm that they are gone are in place. Since 2016 I'd say, the level of arenas is below the level of the sewers. No fun, no skill, no competition, just scripts and mmr-dropping. Do BG's as a twink instead, and skirmishes with your guildies, that's the only real pvp experience you will have so far. Don't expect anything to change, this has been mentioned for years and nothing has changed. Find other ways to enjoy the game or distance yourself from the project as I do from time to time. Don't get frustrated over a stupid video game, and even less when cheaters are the source of your frustration.

  4. bull****, you lost me on (go play pala if you want to win).
    Just go look at 2s top 50 and tell me the percentage of palas/wars in this bracket
    Then go to soloque top 50 and tell me the percentage of palas/shamans/wars.

    lmk !

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