1. Make Shadowmourne more accessible

    Can someone please tell why we need to farm bg on Arena tournament so you can get Shadowmourne? Make it at least for reaching 2.2k, i don't knw why you think it's great idea!

  2. Why? Because it's something that people have to farm on PvE content for weeks after weeks, with a reliable raid group that can handle the content. There's no reason whatsoever for Blackrock to have an easier time getting it.

  3. Do you understand the diffrence betwen pve and pvp/arena server? what about you geting armor for arena? do you think it's fun?

  4. You made cross-server arena because Blackrock is dying, and make people, that want to play arena does not help situation, make it wors ofc

  5. it took me like 6months to collect the 50shards on lordaeron and just getting on that level for a good raiding guild to collect shards for me took probably another 6months to a year. please dont complain about shadowmourne not being a no effort item while you are on a server where you start at level 80, 5.5k gs and are 6k+ in no time with very little effort and can even buy shadowmourne or any other gear.

  6. Hahahahahaha, whats next, lets make all top PVP gear drop in dungeons? The most stupid request i ever seen.

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