1. Yeah, it wouldnt remove gy farms completely, but some portion of those premades would just do quick 5min wins. For them bjective would be to squeeze as many wins possible in shortest time, so no extended pain if player ends up getting stomped. And some matching priority against other premades, then top geared players and then just random - might work.
    As Obnoxious pointed out, you might get the exact opposite effect. Now instead of one "carrot" for HK farming, they have the additional "carrot" of an easy victory. As far as I know, premades already get prioritized against premades, at least this appeared to be the case in the past. This has ironically caused people like me to purposely avoid playing Random Battlegrounds with friends.

    Maybe better idea would be just to mix players in each BG draw - 1/3 low gear, 1/3 intermediate, 1/3 top gear.
    If the goal is to have a diverse team roster, simply randomize the teams regardless of race, faction, gear, skill would work.

    Premades always against 100% top geared. I guess this might end up impractical to implement, depending on player amount in the pool.
    This is essentially what is already happening, and premades are crushing randoms with similar gear levels. This is hardly a surprise given premades are typically superior in terms of composition and skill level.

    But to me situations where premade stomps other team, this seems pretty core of the game. Just a reminder what teamwork can do, reminder to maybe join something like that and make some friends. If "casual" players are such huge part, then there is no big harm of small percent of times getting steamrolled by premades.
    Just want to point out that RL spamming "ALL MID", "ALL TOGETHER", "DON'T SPREAD", "REPORT XXXXXXX" (presumably for trying to do the objective) ... etc., is the lowest form of teamwork there is and shouldn't even count as one in the context of battlegrounds. Also, depending on the time of the day, it is not uncommon to get the infamous "AV, AV, IoC ..." chain while Horde runs their premades. The chances for casuals to run into premades can actually be quite high during certain hours.
    Edited: February 19, 2021

  2. Yeah, it ends up that premade will stomp random teams, no matter how you slice it. And I mean premade with comms and stuff.

    What I meant by some addittional "carrot" is that pool of pvp players stays pretty much the same, and when casuals run into premade it's "HK farm" fiesta in gy. Adding some other goal(like Win counter) would chip away at that and reduce such cases - would result in a quick painless loss against premade. It's a win-win, since casuals will run into premades unless premades as a thing is destroyed(hell no).

  3. Ideally, premades will fight other premades. If they separate the queue pools, premades will not be destroyed, they will just be forced to fight other premades. Which is actually what a lot of premades don't want, specifically the ones created for farming. I do like the your idea about the "carrot." I think they should consider hiding or capping Honorable Kills Statistics.

  4. That would be great, but that might as well destroy premades. To avoid 30min que(this would destroy premades) system still has to match them against something, I doubt there is enough pool of premades as now they still get matched gainst RBGs despite priority. But maybe there is(or can be incentivized) enough of premades to create separate pool with comparable que times, if it is actually a problem instead of 10 guys per 6 months venting on forums from time to time.

    Don't know about removing HK stuff, it's still a part of it all and players go for that. That it is the only thing outside Arena in some sort of "rankings" or whatever, so more players are doing it, instead of rare few roleplaying most murderous soldier in the ranks. I guess removing it would fix that, but seems too blunt.
    Edited: February 19, 2021

  5. Yes, and it also would be the right thing to do. If the wait time for premade matchups becomes unbearable players can self organize and coordinate. PVP guilds can organize fights with other guilds or even do an in-guild event (I could never get my guild to do one). There are plenty of examples of Guild vs Guild fights on YouTube and some of them were clearly planned and organized by players. Perhaps Warmane can also host battleground tournaments. This might encourage some of the PVP guilds to shift their focus from farming to actually winning battlegrounds efficiently.
    Edited: February 19, 2021

  6. Don't know about removing HK stuff, it's still a part of it all and players go for that. That it is the only thing outside Arena in some sort of "rankings" or whatever, so more players are doing it, instead of rare few roleplaying most murderous soldier in the ranks. I guess removing it would fix that, but seems too blunt.
    They can leave the achievements and titles alone, but hide HKs past a certain maximum value so others can't see it in-game or on the armory page. This particular change seems to require the least amount of work, can easily be reversed, and only effect a small number of players who actually care about farming HKs to an astronomical level. I wager most players who have lots of HKs didn't care much for farming after getting 100k. They can maybe also make HKs only visible to the player himself, but not others, for those who really do care.

  7. A true merc mode should include players from both factions and should not allow premades.
    Merc mode was Warmanes solution for Alliance players who were experiencing 5-10 minute queues for RBG's while Horde players had instant games this is caused because the majority of PvP players being roll Alliance. Horde players never had a queue time issue even now Horde players never really have to wait more than 2 minutes to get a RBG so it made sense that Merc mode be implemented for Alliance only.

  8. I stopped playing in the higher bracket because its full of premades. I made me new 5,5k gs chars on blackrock and im only playing with them. The other brackets are fun now because the premades are only in the higher bracket. i wouldnt really recommend anyone to play in the higher bracket without a premade. the only solution for the higher bracket to make it playable for solo players is to not allow premades to que. if this doesnt happen, just play in the lower bracket with your new 5,5kgs char on blackrock. more fun , no premades, more balanced bgs, no grave farming. i dont really know how the brackets will change if frostmourne resets, but i hope they will let the brackets stay the same, like until 5,8kgs middle bracket, and over 5,8kgs high bracket. because playing against tryhard premade bis geared people who are playing like their life depends on it, is not fun
    Edited: February 21, 2021

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