1. Issues with rep tabards in dungeons

    General question here, not reporting bug because I don't know what's going on just yet.

    Are rep tabards bugged? If my memory serves correctly when you equip a tabard each mob killed should give you a bit of rep towards that tabard's faction. So far I have gone into 2 rdf hcs and not a single rep has been earned. What on earth is going on here?

    On a unrelated note, I've noticed the lovely charm drop rate is terrible in rdf hcs, I can go entire dungeons without a single drop, whereas just questing out in northrend seems to have a much better drop rate, this seems wrong.

    Any insights?

  2. Literally moments after I posted this I got into a dungeon and it dropped like 30 charms and mobs were giving rep O.O I can only assume that certain dungeons don't give rep (toc and VH were the ones that have zip) and the charms truly are rng...

  3. I typed out a reply to this yesterday but it seems to be missing, so I'll try again.

    Violet Hold doesn't give rep (except for maybe the bosses). Similarly, if you are leveling still and do normal VH, you don't get XP except for maybe the bosses either.
    I believe Trial of the Champion is the same way.

    I'm not sure which dungeon(s) you were in when you experienced the problem, but I believe all of the dungeons besides those 2 should all give rep as expected.

  4. ^ I think mostly any dungeon that has "generated" trash mobs doesn't give much exp. Meaning any hostile npc in the dungeon, that respawns after a wipe, is not gonna give exp(and probably no rep as well). Maybe it's like this to avoid excessive farming or w/e...

    Charms are pure RNG. I've had a bunch of them drop from the crystalsong quest with the carts, I've had loads of them drop from dungeon trash, next day I barely get 10 form an entire dungeon run.

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