1. New to the server - Info about Arena

    Hello Guys,

    I was recently playing on another server and I didn't did a small research about the server when I started, so I leveled my charecter, geared it up as much as I could I headed into Arena. Just to discover that the Arena was dead in that server because the season was not implemented, etc.
    Bottom line is, I am now thinking about coming to Warmane, I read a lot of good things about it, I mean A LOT.

    So I would like to know how is the status of Arena on the server? Do we have a good population playing BGs and Arenas also?
    I would be very glad if someone could talk about it a little bit, so I can make my decision and start a new char right away.

    Thanks in advance for those who decides to help posting in this thread.


  2. Battlegrounds and arenas are crossrealm so you should always find someone to play against. I don't play arena personally so I can't comment on that topic but battleground pops are nearly instant.

  3. While PVP is very active, it's quite frustrating to play, even if youre skilled or geared. Let me explain:

    Lordaeron - 1x ratings, 1x honor - once you head to arenas, regardless of your gear, you will get farmed. BG gear (furious) will hardly mean any difference since you will get qued against BIS people from either Icecrown realm (where most people are already BIS). So basically you will spend 1 month to ding 80, another month or so to get full furious (maybe less if you active). If you do PVE to get relentless or 10 matches to get 250 points every week, it will totally take you 3-4 months to get full relent, but then again the chances of winning are still slim. Note that PVE is buffed rather than regular servers, you get no ICC buff, shorter berserk timers, and bosses hit way harder than the usual, which makes PVE hard. You can't donate for gear, but you will face people who had or who are geared which makes it unfair.

    Blackrock - instant 80, free relentless or pve TOC level gear (5.5 - 5.6k gearscore) which is named starter gear as most people mention, you will spare your time of farming the gear rather than Lordaeron, which would be a better choice if you only intend to pvp. You can get WF gear, or 25hc ICC/RS pve gear based on your rating/honor/arena pts. You should be able to get 1600-1800 with some efforts in order to get yourself BIS offset/accessories/some WF pieces so you could go around 6k - 6.1k in order to be capable of actual playing arenas with decent gear. Once you will try to aim higher than 1800 that's a different story, as you will meet scripters. Don't get me wrong, if you start PVP you will matchup against BIS + SM players from the start thus making arenas very hard.

    Icecrown - probably an improved Lordaeron option, due to the 7x experience ratings, but note that honor and arena points are still 1x which implies farming like Lordaeron. Here you will get PVE gear way easier since PVE is normal difficulty as it should be, so you should find more raids, and get gear faster, which implies you can get relentless faster or your needed PVE pieces for PVP. If you start arenas, it's the same story as Lordaeron, you will get qued against BIS people from the start. If you go with furious you are fresh meat in the cannon. You can donate for gear.

    Frostmourne - season is almost done, no point in starting this unless you wait for the new one. Probably best pvp experience as the realm is progressive and everybody will have farmed his own gear and it is up to you how fast you gear yourself for the arenas according to the PVE/PVP content available.

    BGs - a lot of premades which makes things unfun a little, probably it will take few bgs in order to get a win, 1x honor remember.
    WG - a lot of multiboxers, which makes things unfun again.
    World PVP - might be fun if you are not alone to get ganked.
    2v2 - you will face BIS PEOPLE all the time, climbing rating might be hard
    3v3 - not so active, but mostly BIS people again.
    Soloq - don't recommend if you are not at least starter gear like Blackrock, but the MMR system which works there is very bad, if you are healer for example, and you just started, you will get qued with or against people with 1.8-2k mmr right from the start. Win/lose ratio most of the time could be negative due to the MMR matchup and people you get teamed up with.

    Overall PVP on Warmane is for BIS people or tryhards who enjoy spending tons of time in order to get gear/ratings.

    If you make a new char just for PVP go Blackrock, you will avoid wasting couple of months to gearup.

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