1. You need to edit the files if this is what you'd want, unless you can find someone else who has uploaded an edited version.
    Did you try running LAA, to increase the RAM limit of the execution file?
    Well, I do not know how to edit this, so if it's easy for you, you could help with this.
    Yes, I tried to use LAA. Maybe I'll try something else
    Edited: January 23, 2022

  2. Thank you for this. I'll upload it next to two other water patches, in case some people might want to test out several versions.
    They seem to have increased lava and slime textures as well.

    Thank you for the reply! I found an other water patch which working but is not nearly as beautiful as some posts before me.
    I have tried to changed the order but nothing, water still missing. I only replaced patch-w with the water patch in the full torrent version.
    Here's a link(I'll switch it out with the main posts link as well) with three different water patches, as it seems like some patches might work better for some systems. I can not tell you why, but the game has its times of being weird.
    I've spent a good amount of hours trying to make this work, and find a solution to your issue, but this is the best I've come up with, so far. None of them should cause issues with anything but Patch-W.
    One of them also uncludes holycarpx's version.

    Well, I do not know how to edit this, so if it's easy for you, you could help with this.
    Yes, I tried to use LAA. Maybe I'll try something else
    Sadly I do not possess the ability to do so.
    I'm sorry you're experiencing crashes. Try seeing if you can google your crash report(Usually a crash number is enough).
    I've had multiple different crashes over the years, but nothing in relation to these patches, other than the increased RAM usage.
    Edited: January 23, 2022

  3. Awesome work to everyone included in these patches! Game looks REALLY solid and beautiful.

    I've tried to find the water-solution here in this thread but cant seem to find the right answer.

    "Patch-W" needs to be removed as said, water looks good except for in Elwynn / Stormwind atm, water is having a green-ish colour to it. Do you know a fix for this?
    Edited: January 28, 2022

  4. I just wanted to ask... is it normal to lose tons of FPS when using these mods? Are there any settings I should change in WoW settings to improve? Especially in 25 men I get way lower fps than before when using these mods sadly.

    My system should be able to handle this with no issues, I have a GTX 1060 6GB and a Ryzen 5 2600X.

  5. That's great thanks for this huge work, is there there any animations spells like retail ones? Or any plans to do that ? I saw this video in Spanish in the video u can see he change the animations of spells and looks close to the retail one but i don't know if it's scam or real the
    video link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q0zpTeEtt0
    this video for animation spells and there is another video for druid forms and i want u to see those videos and tell us what do u think is it real or scam ?
    Druid forms : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lReeltrQorg

  6. Hello,

    I merged all the patches into one (Patch-4) with some improvements and i decided to release it:

    - Procedural Water
    - New Shaders
    - New Duskwood, Westfall, Redridge, Feralas/Un'Goro/Zul'Gurub, Felwood, Moonglade and Apple trees
    - Invisible wall between Winterspring and Hyjal was deleted - now you can go trough cave tunel to Hyjal + new World Tree model
    - Gate to the Stormwind Vault was opened - now you can reach hidden vanilla dungeon
    - Cataclysm Undercity model
    - New stars skybox texture above Azeroth + new moon texture
    - Shadowlands character create, new character backgrounds
    - New Loading Screens
    - Login Screen allows save password

    Spoiler: Show

    Version 1.0.6. Compatible with enGB/enUS WoW clients.

    For 1920x1080 Resolution

    Patch-4 Download - Ulozto.net
    Patch-4 Download - Google Drive

    For 1680x1050 Resolution

    Patch-4 Download - Ulozto.net
    Patch-4 Download - Google Drive

    Has anyone got any alternative downloads for this? The Google Drive links are no-longer working and the other is stupidly slow. If someone can provide me with them I will gladly re-host on Mega.

  7. Man thanks for this, its just Awesome to play with it. Its like a Woltk Remake, i think they should have done that with Classic/Tbc too, its just nicer with good Graphics, but not everyone thinks like that. Im glad there is a Option with Private Servers, thanks again!

  8. Torrent error 403, can some1 update link please?

  9. Hey, first of all, what the f*?
    I didn't know there are graphics "mods" for WoW.

    Just awesome!
    But there is one problem, the water looks not normally.
    I tried all the 3 Water Patches (6, 7 & 9) then this Patch "b" from a guy somewhere here in this thread.

    Any Tips?

    Edited: March 5, 2022 Reason: image added

  10. The way I like it

    I try to make my WotLK 3.3.5a as similar to the original as possible, changing only the textures of characters and monsters. I still think Vanilla water is the best so I don't install all the modifications. The pach-6.mpq refers to the audio in my native language, ignore it.


  11. Graphic works like a charme. Thx for the really great work. But since I installed everything, my chat seems abit broken. Always when i login i have to rejoin all channels like global. And I'm not able to see any zone name. Anyone facing the same issue. I'm playing with German client.

  12. Download an English version, or remove the Dungeon Map part.
    Using any other language than the original English will break the zone names among other things.

    Also, make sure your game folder is marked as "Read Only" and you're running the wow.exe as admin.

  13. Thx for your fast reply. I removed Mapster & WDM from Interface/AddOns but it made no change still no zone names and chat issue persits.

    Should i remove something else?

  14. Bit of a weird question, but wondering if anyones experienced the laggy/flickering mouse cursor after updating graphics?

    It has been working fine for months, but once I changed to the all in one client download, I noticed that my mouse started flickering while moving it. Found a fix to turn off 'hardware cursor' in settings. This stopped the flickering, but now the cursor itself is really laggy. Wondering if anyone is aware of something that could be causing this?

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