1. June 9, 2023  
    Hello truekripp i want to really thank you for the pack looking amazing my only issue is the tree form looking so ugly:( if you have any possibility to give us the option to have the treant form i would really appreciate it and im sure im not the only. I try to remove the 2 patches with druid forms and i got the treant form but sadly realise when i was on travel form i was a small cube and some other issues. I am not complaining im really pleased and thank you again just if you have the time and the resources for tree of life form to the original one it would be just perfection.

  2. Does this graphic addon makes people disappear in dalaran arena like WoD/Legion models addon did?

  3. Can this work with TBC 2.4.3 client?


  4. Thanks for the pack, really love it! I like the high quality player textures. Wish this worked with carbonite though. I'm trying to find a later version of carbonite that will work with this or try and modify it.

  5. July 2, 2023  
    Thanks for the pack, looks great! I only have one problem - every time I start the game I have to accept the terms and condiditons, sign in manually and change the video options to my screen resolution and change the game from windowed to full screen. It's like the client doesn't remember the settings I've chosen previously. Is there a way to save my choices or to set the default settings? Thanks!

  6. July 2, 2023  
    Solved! Solution found:

    Forum > Input and Assistance > Guides & Tutorials > Technical Guides > [FIX] Settings resetting when launching the client

  7. I offer this instead of trying to download or 'track down' each .mpq.
    I've been running this for a couple years without an issue. (Virus and BS free)

  8. Hi - I can't seem to get the shaders to pop up in game when pressing "Home" button.
    Am I missing something, guys?

  9. Can someone actually help me? It says in his Thread that the Data.7z folder contains the new models but there is no Data.7z folder available just Patch 4,5 and 8...

  10. Hey,

    Mb this is just a dumb question. But I can erase the patches I don't wanna use and just use the others? I really like the look and feel of the game with the patch! But I kind of like the old mount models and would like to use them if possible.

  11. Hey, love the look of this client! My only problem is in big cities the game crashes with low memory error. I saw the crashing section of the OP and I downloaded and used large address aware as well as turning off read only on the folder. Unfortunately I am still getting the same crash as before. I tried running the game as admin, running LAA as admin, restarting PC, still getting the crash. I have a high end gaming PC so it's definitely not a hardware limitation. Truekripp or anyone else have any ideas for me? I want to play with this client but currently am having to play with the old one :(

  12. Hello, i have a little problem with this patches, i downloaded the client from the website and the patches from your links, and i saw some graphic bugs, First in Elwynn forest cobolds are blue boxes, and i saw green ''textures'' on some mount. Is there any solution to fix this? Or am i the only one who experience those issues?

  13. Downloaded the All-in-one and everything works perfect except for getting the SL cinematic and default settings every time I launch wow, even if I apply and save my preferred setting 10 times, it keeps happening... Is there anything I could do to fix this?

  14. Hi - I can't seem to get the shaders to pop up in game when pressing "Home" button.
    Am I missing something, guys?
    I have the same issue. Haven't found a solution yet, hoping someone can help out.

  15. Put the whole folder in your documents. If you put it in C:/ for example it's a rights issue and you settings are not kept.

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