1. Is Roleplay still alive?

    I really want to do some roleplay but i can't find any guilds or players
    some ideas?

  2. i've seen many people roleplay in Goldshire (on Icecrown), but haven't really noticed a specific guild doing it.
    Roleplaying can't really die as long as even a single individual roleplay, but the newer generations of warmaners aren't quite aware of what roleplaying stands for.

  3. Most of the roleplays now are: ''Give me money and I dance for you naked''.

  4. Yes I've seen some, there is any kind of niche in Icecrown, I'm pretty sure there are some guilds specifically oriented in RP

  5. All I know is I am trying to sell twink items on AH and nobody ever buys them. So my guess it's pretty dead.

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