1. [H-EU] [Semi-HC, PvE] <The Fallen Legion> recruiting for reset

    Welcome to <The Fallen Legion> aka TFL

    This guild was first made at the start of the season and it was active during Naxx and Ulduar and now we're back!

    Guild roster

    The GM of the guild is again "Bengalka" with the officer crew "Ljadro,Jabroni,Deeznuts" and few other new people!

    The officer crew is filled with people that have been playing WoW and especially WOTLK expansion for the last 10 years or more!

    We have done all of the end game content, while also leading the guild in that same content on server Icecrown and some of us are even PvP experienced in 2v2/3v3 brackets that are reaching up to 2.7K/2.4k rating!

    About the guild

    There have been some big changes regarding the guild from last year. We made it well more organised and clean which will improve the quality of the gameplay.
    The main purpose of this guild is to make a skilled and friendly community. Our goal is to clear the PvE content that is ahead of us while keeping everything stress free with a relaxed set of people.
    That was the way the guild worked last year and we had some great success with it!
    In the first patch we cleared everything except the OS with 3 drakes. Which we will thrive to succeed this year.
    *UPDATE* We cleared all of the current content and we are recruiting for Ulduar
    In the second patch we cleared ulduar with some HM bosses, but sadly we had to disbandon the guild because we didn't have much time to play anymore.


    We are looking for people that will fill this criteria:
    -Experienced player that is looking for a relaxing community to get gear without getting yelled at
    -Players that have never played 3.3.5 version but are willing to learn and listen to our calls and advices that will help then get better

    In long story short,we will take you if you have some WoW experience and are not completely new to the game. We do not care if you never done the raid, played the content, or have the best gear/dps etc etc.. We only ask you to listen to our calls, advices , do as we say and you will become a great player and will learn all of the WOTLK content.
    But if you fail to improve and are doing some simple mistakes over and over again after we told you how to fix them, then sadly, you won't have a future with us.

    Also new players to WoW game in general. this is not a guild for you. Sorry :(

    Loot system and raid times

    We use DKP rolling system.

    The current plan for raid times is.


    Atm we raid once a week at Thursday at 17:00 - 20:30 ST

    We clear all 3 raids in less than 3 hours (with a 10 minute break)

    For Ulduar we plan to raid at these times

    Ulduar 25 man main run - Thursday at 17:00 - 20:30 ST
    OS25+EOE25 and Ulduar 10 man - Sunday and Monday at 17:00 - 20:30 ST.

    Currently recruiting

    Right now, we're in a need of MDPS/RDPS , pref dps with tank OS

    If you want to APPLY or get more INFORMATION about the guild.
    Please check out OUR DISCORD https://discord.gg/8eh9f5fQuG

    Over there you can see more about the RULES and if you have some more questions, feel free to DM me in discord.

    If you want to join the guild:
    When logged in to discord you will be asked to make a short apply ( no tactics questions, only about you).

    Discord link - https://discord.gg/8eh9f5fQuG
    Edited: June 29, 2021

  2. Excited to start this new season in this guild! Played with them last season and it's a very chill guild with nice people and they get **** done!

  3. Agree with everything above , can't wait to raid with you guys again :)

  4. plain dkp? not epgp or a decay something?

  5. I've made rules on how much can you earn and how much do the items costs. I will probably implement a DKP cap as well, but that will get added later on. If you want to check the rules, feel free to join the discord and check them out

  6. Great guild, can't wait to play here again :D

  7. Something similar was put in place last time we made guild. Don't worry , TFL Leadership knows how to deal with problems DKP system brings :)

  8. Seems like there is a lots of experienced people in the guild. Can't wait till naxx opens up.

  9. Yes yes , we are mucho experienced and also LGBT friendly

  10. It's soo good to finally be in a guild which appreciates your safe space. I love every moment in this guild. It's actually soo good. And their GM is always friendly and helps you with everything game and life related. I am even meeting him IRL on dinner 10 days from now. Can't wait for it :)

  11. May 27, 2021  
    Bump , recruiting for our second run :)

  12. May 28, 2021  
    Just an update. We cleared all of content and we are trying to get more people in the guild to maybe fill out some spots in the main group and also try to start making second group as well

  13. We're filling spots for Ulduar.

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