1. So staff focus on PVE in a stuck espansion and dont improve the PVP experience, when we gonna get back the low "GS" BGs?
    I got bored goin to BG whit 4k GS and get paired up whit 6k players the same whit arenas

  2. why delete the gs addon? good bull**** ill hope its a joke

  3. I now understand why MACs are more expensive

  4. Well i agree with you.
    I´m tired of trying to climb at arenas and get my wrathfull gear and i always get people with BIS PVP with low arena rate and most of the times its people from Blackrock server. For me there is no sense of playing with BlackRock if they want to climp , they can climb on their own server and dont mess with the others that sometimes have fewer gear.
    About Gear Score its time to enable that , staff have more problems to fix than disabling addons that are actually helpful for players.

  5. So progressive. I think Devs could take it a step further and remove level requirements from all content. Also mandate every raid has a diverse distribution of character levels. Level 1 players are the most underrepresented and discriminated group. We must stop the hate. Lvl 80 supremacy must end, even if it means every future raid will wipe.

  6. Nice 1st april joke now back gs addon since are server PVP now

  7. Why tf do people think gearscore is helpful? Seriously? Is it hard to inspect someone's gems and enchants? You are actually telling me that if you see a full donate 6.9k gearscore retribution paladin with no gems or with full arp gems using an attack power meta gem you would take them in your raid because they have 6.9k gearscore? Are you like, not ok with the head or something? Seriously, f*ck that addon, if anything it should remain disabled, come on! It's lame, lazy and anything but helpful, it just makes people buy uselesss crap like Mark of Supremacy or Maghia's Misquided Quill.

  8. I don't know what was the most funny, to get a PvE realm (it has been years since I've done that), the way they changed the name of the realms in battleground to Pornmourne, Iceclown, Whackrock and Trihardaeron, or the people going out of their mind because they didn't have GearScore add-on for 24 hours.

    It has been a great laugh. Thanks guy (included the ones without sense for humor who were crying on this thread).


  9. prima aprilis is over now
    you can turn it on

  10. I just want you all to know, I just love you all so much. While you're all hugging and making up after all these years of ganking each other in stranglethorn vale I hope this loving song plays in your head. May it spread love across the world.... of lovecraft!

    wanna make love bering back the shop that u could get all items with v points ^^

  11. "Hey, pliz activate my addon again, me have no clue to activate again, Warmane deactivated, Warmane activate it! Me no can play with no GS. Me no invite people in icc 10 normal if me no see them have 6k gs."

  12. are u for real? 24 h and this crap is still going on? this will trigger even more hate, ppl will start inspecting every single item players have, I'm starting to think this no longer the right place to be

  13. Return the gear score addon, it's not okay to forbid us to do that.

  14. Im out of game if GS is deactivated. We can all move on new one server with better rules

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