1. I love how people complain about GS being disabled, and how they threat quitting the server. I can now see that most people cannot play without this addon.They play this game for years, a game that is 13 years old and they cannot figure it out without inspecting if a player has fos/pos/hor gear, eots gear, togc gear, icc and so on, and i bet they can't tell if someone has icc gear even if they inspect that person and even if they did icc a few times a week for years. Most of those who are crying about it being disabled are just those who reserve items and want 6kgs ppl in their normal runs to pull alot of dps and clear the raid for them faster, greedy people in other words. And there is the other type of players that are telling us : how can i see if a player is ready for raids or if he will perform better in raid if i cannot see his GS? Well, lemme tell you something kid, you can piss on GS when you get a 6.7k pally that has no achievements and 0 knowledge about the raid you are going to clear. If you really don't know how to figure out what gear a person has, be it by looking at him, inspecting or using ilevel, then you are a noob and telling us you are ****ed 'cause you can't see other's GS in order to know if they perform good in raid, that's a lie.

  2. As part of our efforts to include raid diversity, we have disabled the GearScore addon. You have two options to choose in the dialogue whether to disable or disable the GearScore addon. Those options are "Ok" which promptly disables the GearScore addon and "Yes" which immediately disables the GearScore addon. If this kind of choice is familiar to you, do not worry! It simply reminds you of 21st century corporate democracy.
    Unironically based.

  3. next
    remove Recount and Skada
    so player no longer burdened by DPS meter and healing count

  4. i want to play the game without whining little *****es on the forums, stop ruining my experience. REEEEEEEEEE

  5. The forum isn't part of the game, though. Anyways, hope everyone had a wonderful April Fool's day!

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