1. Finally, I can level my alts in Hellfire Peninsula for more than 5 consecutive minutes. I really believe that Gadgetzan in Tanaris was only kept alive by the constant dark ganking energy that was being radiated around that place in unworldly quantities. I think it's going to collapse by tomorrow so better watch out.

    Would've been great if the guards didn't attack in capital cities but I'm not complaining, still having enormous fun!
    Make sure to bring your characters to enemy soil people! It's not everyday that you got to experience stuff like this. It's these little things that really warm my heart about this server.


  2. we already had recount pretty much disabled for a while now, so i guess they're sticking with that trend.

  3. Woah there buddy that's a bit too much love for one day, one step at a time please!
    Love can never be much xD

  4. Hey!! Return my GearScore and world PvP back!! What's next disable Recount?!

  5. i don't know if this is racist, but all taurens seem to have herbalism as their primary proffesion

  6. Just LOL.. Thats really bad.. Worst **** I ever seen in a server

  7. Warmane team said: "Multibox abuse will be bannable".
    Oh wait... April Fools!

  8. " We have fixed MMR system in SoloQ"

    *DAAAAAAAA! april fool bud, love ya.*

  9. this was the best thing to do to disable Gearscore, so we can finally get rid of Autism on Warmane together :D

  10. hahahahaha. thought something was up when i couldn't use my GS addon

  11. Not related to WoW, but now it's the perfect time to goof around on the forums. So, enjoy:

    Spoiler: Show
    Dinoflask has other funny videos; trust me, they are worth watching.

  12. Grats for disabling world pvp. I like to pvp myselff a lot, but it just did't have point on Warmane since too many people use scripts and so on. As for the gearscore, I don't know. They will probbably make another addon. Item level addon maybe.

  13. thought of donating 500$ + today .. thank u for saving my dollars :)))

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