1. 3 Weeks Ago  

    Seasonal mop too!

    I'll start with saying the first seasonal of wotlk on frostmourne was insane and I appreciate the dev's work on that and can't wait to start the second journey on 15th this april, but that's not why I'm here to talk about. I would really love to see just like wotlk seasonal an mop seasonal, speaking for myself I really enjoyed mop on retail especially 5.2 patch. I know this would mean a lot of work that's why I'm just talking about it and not demanding anything out of the dev's, I'm just curious to see what Frostwolf's people think about this idea.

  2. 1 Week Ago  
    Frostwolf doesn't have full end game content to support transferred characters from a seasonal MoP realm. Frostwolf still needs the legendary cloak and landfall (coming soon TM). Oh, and there's still tons of PVE bugs to go through from quests to raid encounters.

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