1. Save my chars for reset.

    Hi there, i understand tomorow 15/4 will frostmount being reset and all characters will be deleted? True?
    Is it possible to save my characters? I don't want them deleted. I play now a month at Frostmount and I like it, i have just started.

    Like Icecrown is the same as Frostmount now? Can i transfer my characters to Icecrown?

    thx Pit

  2. Its local time, not aussie time. its still 2 days 2h left until it relaunches.

  3. Oke thx. But how about my chars? Will they be deleted?


  4. That depends on their level. If they are above level 10, they will be transferred, otherwise they will be removed.

  5. Thx. Someone on server chat told me this also. I know now. All your bankitems will be deleted (true?) and your money will be in halve (true?), and all chars above lvl 10 transfert to Icecrown. Chars below lvl 10 are being deleted. Server Frostmount is then reseted.

    And al this happens today at 23:59.

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