1. 2 Weeks Ago  

    Battered hilt quest bugged

    the quest for the battered hilt is bugged, i cannot wash the clothes for the quest "A suitable Disguise" can someone please help here. just spend 14k on this damn thing now i cant even get it ......

  2. 2 Weeks Ago  
    Hallo, i had similiar problem. You must stay on terrace, and talk with the small man and talk with him. If he is gone, abandon quest, wait 15 minutes, come again for quest and go to terrace.

    Now you must talk with the small man. He start talking, and giving you instrunction, what item you must get to the water tube. It will be 5-7 items, after you finish, near the water tube will be items, that you must loot. If you failed and small man runs away, you must again abandon quest, wait and take again.

    Its not bugged, but its a little confused.

  3. 2 Weeks Ago  
    Quest isnt bugged, if npc isnt there you have to wait some time.

  4. 2 Weeks Ago  
    Some people will also pick up the quest everytime so you cant, and just sit there to be *******s, had one guy camp there all day just picking it up and abandoning it.

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