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    Lowering the Amount of Points Needed to Buy Gear

    Hey I was wondering if it were possible to lower the amount of points needed to buy decent gear on the MoP server for example if you want to buy a piece of gear from the website on Frostwolf it will cost you around 39 daily points which is kind of absurd in my opinion whereas on the WotLK servers you can get the gear with the same value for only 17, it would be more accessible for casuals to also level an alt there, I would really appreciate it if someone looked into this.
    Much Thanks

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    Is anybody ever going to respond.
    Or is this realm "dead", for lack of a better word?

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    Here, I'll respond. Suggestions belong here: http://forum.warmane.com/forumdisplay.php?f=7
    And I doubt they'll reduce the cost just for your convenience. Also, based on what did you conclude that gear on Icecrown is "of the same value"?

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    The gear that costs 30+ is from Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria. Much of the gear from the store is obtainable in game, but you're going to end up replacing it anyways. A waste of points so to speak. Only WotLK players get the most out the vote store because of all the level 80 gear they can get. For us Frostwolf players, it's basically transmog gear. Though waiting a month to accumulate enough points to get a cool looking weapon or piece of armor might seem undesirable, keep in mind that some gear on the store have the same numerical value whether it's points or coins (ex.: armor that you can get for 30 points or 30 coins.).

    To answer your second question, yes. Frostwolf is dying by the day. Horde population is especially low.

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    or lets just remove 7500 honor/conquest points needed to buy wepaons

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    That's part of the core game and would defeat the purpose of a PvP server.

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