1. May 9, 2021  

    Lights Vengeance


    I am currently playing on another TBC server thats is coming to and end soon. The developers on the server has confirmed that they will allow us to export our account data and allow us to download our accounts. The players are now looking for a new home and some have already made their way here to Warmane.
    However for some of us (like me) that are very attached to our current characters and are not looking to "just make a new character". For me, I am only looking to continue the journey that ive already started on my current characters.
    I see that you guys are allowing transfers from your TBC server to your wotlk server. I am now wondering if there is any chance for you to allow us to bring our exported accounts and import them into Warmane, so that the players to continue our journey together.

    I hope you guys are able to at least consider this and not instantly reject our accounts.
    Thanks for your time,
    Sincerely an eager to visit northrend player :)

  2. May 9, 2021  
    As you can read here, Warmane doesn't allow migration/transfers from other servers. And in 10 years I've been here I don't recall them ever allowing it. If you want to start here you'll have to start fresh. Only reason they're allowing realms transfers is because TBC realm was closed due to lack of interest but that realm was Warmane's.

  3. May 9, 2021  
    @thorbjorn, yes i totally understand that most private servers dont allow transfers just like that, and that in this case the warmane TBC server is under the project as warmane wotlk, making it a lot more reasonable to transfer then coming from an outside project.
    However im am asking if there is a chance that it could be at least considered to allow transfers from other dying tbc servers as well. In my case we already know that we will get our account data making it possible for a transfer to happen. Obviously a server cannot just randomly transfer accounts. They need data from the accounts, which means that now its up for other teams to accept our accounts.

    Very soon most if not all TBC private servers will die because of TBC classic, we saw the same with Classic 2 years ago in the vanilla community. Which means that sooner rather than later blizzard will come with wotlk. I strongly believe that for private server communities to survive in the long run different servers will have to cooperate. I am coming here to warmane because it has been one of the larger communities for a long time, and therefor i believe that it will have a good chance to exist for a long time to come as well.
    So again, im asking for at least a consideration of allowing transfers from other servers if they can provide account data.

  4. May 9, 2021  
    There is no more an active tbc server under the warmane umbrella. So there is no where your characters would be transferred .

  5. May 9, 2021  
    Im suggesting transfers to the warmane project and more specificly to the wotlk servers, i am fully aware that the warmane tbc server is no more.
    I am however posting here since its more of a TBC topic and because there currently is transfers from the previous warmane tbc server to the current warmane wotlk servers.
    Which means that technically if accounts could be imported to warmane they could also be transition to wotlk.
    My characters have been around since 2015 and go all the way back to Nostalrius. But since is coming to an end in the near future, im searching for options where i could bring my characters, and i would very much like to continue on those characters and im hoping that there is a chance i can bring them here :)

  6. May 12, 2021  
    Well I presume you are awaiting some official confirmation that may or may not come, but i've never seen Warmane allowing transfers from other servers as it will require access to that said server account and character db. So my best bet it ain't going to happen.

  7. May 12, 2021  
    I'm not part of the developer team so I won't comment on the technicalities but I can explain the other side of why we don't accept external transfers and it's pretty straightforward: We want people to do their progression here.

  8. May 13, 2021  
    @Keymouse8800 , yes, like ive written now in my messages im very aware of why usually not done and that it does require us to bring the account data. Good news is that we will get our account data. So now its up to Warmane / other servers to accept our account data. Since most of my guild are looking to play on warmane i would love for us to contiune our journey on our characters from TBC

    @Repost , I fully understand that the team want people to do their progression on warmane and not elsewhere. However im asking to transfer TBC characters into wotlk. I assume that no mostly no one is running tbc / vanilla content on the warmane wotlk server. So i would very much be apart of and do wotlk progression on the warmane server.

    I am very fine with Warmane declining our data for transfers. However since we will get our accounts and imports would have pretty much no impact on the servers economy or progression, due to only a couple of people are likely to actually transfer and play. i would very much appreciate if it could be at least considered.

  9. May 27, 2021  
    hairington, sorry for the late response, but the answer is still no. We never had such feature here and unfortunately, it won't be considered. Sorry. :(

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