1. New to World of Warcraft

    Hail, and well met!

    I've decided to pick Warmane as the first private server I'll ever play on. I've never really played World of Warcraft before, except may be for that one time over a decade ago, but I barely remember anything anymore.
    I couldn't ever really get into it due to the monthly fee that comes with the game. Though I'm glad I recently found out about private servers being a thing in the first place, so this is actually pretty exciting! Getting to play at my own pace, all casually and stuff.

    The only thing I do remember fondly, though, is that I -- at all times -- played as a Human Holy Priestess.
    Mainly because I enjoy getting to be myself. :>

    Since World of Warcraft is a game best enjoyed with friends, I sincerely hope that I get to meet some really pleasant allies along the way.
    Can't wait to play!

  2. May 1, 2021  
    Welcome and enjoy the server!

  3. May 1, 2021  
    Welcome to Warmane, hope you have a great time here!

  4. May 2, 2021  
    You are not mistaken with the server choice - Warmane (prev. Molten) has been online since the late 2000s, it honestly surprises me how stable and reliable it has proven to be over the years. And it does impress me how even 2 weeks after the launch of Frostmourne, there are dozens of players in the starting zone - even though it's x7! So alive, and it's the 2020s already.

  5. May 4, 2021  
    Thank you very much for welcoming me!
    So far I've been having such a great time, I'm truly having a blast! I'm pretty happy I chose this server. ^-^

  6. May 8, 2021  
    If you ever want to team up let me know. I'm new as well, and can start on whatever server.

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