1. May 1, 2021  


    Any tips for leveling a 5 man team. I usually just do LFD over and over till 70. Icecrown has so many people it tough to quest in peace.

  2. May 1, 2021  
    Questing is the fastest way. You just have to accept the ganks and continue questing, or take a break if there's too many people interrupting your gameplay.

  3. May 1, 2021  
    plenty of ways to go :

    -4x toons + 1 lvl 80 -->run dungeons
    -5x toons, naked -> quests
    -5x toons, heirlooms-> quests/dungeons

    to go really fast, you need to plan your route, know in advance where to go. lvling 5x toons is same as lvling 1 but you can do kill quests much faster.
    gathering quests on the other hand is a pain. sometimes a few dungeons mobs/quests can help grind your end-zone so you can go to the next one faster.

    what i did when last 5x to 80 :
    1-10 starting area. (quests)
    10-20->area next to starting area (in my case it was ghostlands)
    30-40->stv or arathi, alterac
    40-50->tanaris + feralas
    50-60->felwood, winterspring
    70-80->borean, dragon blight

    i had full heirloom so i only need this much to go to 80. maybe a few quests in stormpeaks/icecrown. dont rush to the next, higher lvl zone because green quests are easier to do, they give plenty of xp anyway. pick all quests, then go do all of them, rather than go back to town etc.

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