1. May 6, 2021  

    LegacyPlayers - A World of Logs alternative

    Hi there!

    On the 17.05.2021 World of Logs will go offline. Until then it will have provided raid analysis tools for countless players on this server.
    However, tools like Wacraftlogs dont have the private server community in mind and may not be fully compatible with the old CombatLog format, like World of Logs is.

    I want to preset you an alternative. LegacyPlayers is a Raid Analysis/Armory tool and archive. Besides that it provides useful features like rankings.
    Logs will be permanently* archived and the service is free of charge. No premium features what so ever.
    It is actively developed and has the private server community in mind, therefore it can take care of custom features introduced in modern WotLK servers.

    If you are looking for an alternative to World of Logs, I urge you to try out LegacyPlayers.
    If you are missing any feature, feel free to contact me on Discord! You can find all necessary information in the footer.

    Link to the Website: https://legacyplayers.com

    Shino - Developer of LegacyPlayers

    * Or until the site will shut down eventually.

  2. May 9, 2021  
    I have tried to use it for a while. It is not stable, and sometimes it can not present some boss battles which are in the log file. Could you please list the initial setup steps for LP?BTW, I am not sure if it supports any other languages. I am not using English client.

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