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    You are saying that going 10mins offline is the way to avoid debuff with no risks. But now you agree that it's not... You are really confusing me, I'm stroking out or what?
    Hey man, your English is really bad because I've been saying the same thing the entire time and you've been constantly misunderstanding.

    No, it lets me get annoying people who think that they can do whatever they want at the expense of others' time banned. If they're smart enough and decide to log off then well, good for them, I suppose, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't get to report the less... 'enlightened' ones. Point being, just because some annoyances are smarter than others doesn't mean both should get off scot-free.
    You're just banning people who don't know it's against the rules. Which is harsh. People who are knowingly violating the rules of the server get away with it easily.

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    Your only course of action is to just go offline for 10 minutes.
    People disconnect. It's not reportable and it's an easy way to avoid the rule.
    I could just clear some trash then disconnect either on purpose or because of bad internet and you would have to kick me. Zero chance for ban on that.
    People who are knowingly violating the rules of the server get away with it easily.
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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    You're just banning people who don't know it's against the rules. Which is harsh. People who are knowingly violating the rules of the server get away with it easily.
    I'm just *reporting (Warmane staff are the one doing the banning) *jerks* who happen to not read the forum, which works well for me, actually.

    See, I have no reason to care whether they 'knowingly violated the rules' - as I mentioned previously, I see no difference either way. They waste my time, so I report them... which also means I may not need to meet them in RDF for the next 5 days, which is, well, great!

    You may think it's harsh, but I myself follow the rules and take the Deserter debuff (no, I don't log off to evade) if I don't feel like continuing a run, so I think I have every right to expect others to follow said rule as well.
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    Everyone should have a natural sense what exploit is in a game nowadays... and don't need to read rules or forum.
    It should be inherited as a gamer-common-sense that if you are avoiding a feature in the game and forcing people to kick you or jeopardizing their time and desires to do the dg, that is obviously an exploitative thing.
    Group-kicking should be used only if the party got stuck in a bug in the dungeon, or all agreed to leave the dungeon for any reason.
    If you are exploring other players because your own egoistic and selfish desires, it is exploiting the game feature and other players at the same time.
    Everyone that forces the group to kick you should be banned asap.

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    Okay, lemme give you a teeny-tiny breakdown of what usually goes on. A DPS queues for a dungeon and waits some good 10-15 minutes before a tank and a heal fill in the last spot. Everything is good up until that point but BAM, one fails to enter, so you're stuck in the queue for another 5 mins until another heal pops up and once that's done, you PRAY that both the tank and the heal get their "ready" checkboxes ticked. They do!! One DPS fails to enter, but that doesn't matter - 5 more seconds and you get another pop. All checkboxes get ticked & you get to the loading screen, where you stare in disbelief, KNOWING what is about to happen as the dungeon is none other than... HoR.

    The tank stays at the gate while the group migrates in and someone stops before the turn and asks: "Tank?"
    The tank finally posts the message that he seems to have been typing all this time: "kik me pls"
    Someone says: "no, enter".
    The tank disconnects (DAMN YOU AT&T NOT LETTING HIM DO HOR).
    Everyone is annoyed the **** out of that guy and the heal says: "lets kick him".
    The tank gets kicked and Billy the hunter also leaves the dungeon because he is pissed. With only 3 down, the group disbands and you also leave without getting the deserter debuff, ONLY to get the ghost-deserter debuff that doesn't let you enter another RDF for another 15 minutes without there being an actual debuff.
    So that's 35-40 minutes, just because some lukewarm IQ guy didn't want to do HOR because "it's too long".

    Personally, I am okay with logging another character to play another dungeon (LIKE THAT TANK DID AFTER "DISCONNECTING"), but say it's someone's first, one & only character? They essentially got turbo-****ed by that tank's selfishness.

  6. 1 Week Ago  
    Yeah, exactly that has happened to me lots of times. 15mins "ghost deserter" because everyone left.
    However, yesterday same thing happened, everyone left and I DID NOT GET 15mins "ghost deserter" and could re-que instantly !!! Maybe it's fixed?

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