1. May 3, 2021  

    (H) <Hard> - PvP Focused Guild now recruiting for Arenas / Premade BG's

    Hi all,

    Newly formed guild <Hard> are now seeking active PvP'ers to join us in adding some spicy PvP into Frostmourne S2. We will be primarily engaging Premade BG's and helping to form multiple high ranked Arena teams. Alongside this we will be building up a discord server once we become settled with more members. Expect good laughs, and many PvP events!

    Please feel free to respond if you would like to join. Cheers

  2. May 4, 2021  
    Shouldn't this be in the Recruitment section? Either way, why are there so few people interested in PvP on a fresh server? The only other guilds I saw are Pwnstars and Dark Iron Horde.

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