1. May 4, 2021  

    Characters transfer from Frostmourne

    Hi all!

    A few days ago i transfer 4 character's from Frostmourne realm to Icecrown realm.
    But I think some did not arrive (two fo them), maybe because i had too many characters in the account.
    I already put 3 characters in sale to make room for the 2 missinn ones.

    Those characters that are missing are: Kishimoto and Dekk. (If u search them in the armory it show that they are in Icecrown realm)

    I tried to send a ticket with that paragraph but an alert window would pop up that said: "Your ticket information contains illegal characters, try again."
    Thats why i post it here :/

    Thank you for your attention
    Greetings! <3

  2. May 4, 2021  
    You can't use signs like " ' ", " / " etc in your ticket. The characters are mostly likely in transfer queue but open a ticket just in case.

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