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    Highest gearscore without heroic gear

    As title say. What is the maximum gearscore possible to achieve without heroic items? Im currently at 5.2k and finding it difficult to get more (retri pala: https://armory.warmane.com/character...ecrown/summary )

    Any tips are welcome!

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    Full ICC25nm and RS25nm gear would be about 6k-ish

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    And without raids? I sadly dont have time for raids due to family, work etc 🤣

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    This will be 10x more painful and time consuming path compared to dedicating some 3hrs in one evening each week for a raid with your guild.

    First thing you do now is get 4/5 T9 set, you have only helmet

    Then you keep farming EoF, buy T10 set(will take months and months[without Raids], since you already wasted a bunch on your belt)

    Buy a trinket like http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/item=42987 replace your hit rating one with it. Keep the hit rating trinket in case you can swap around later to keep hit rating capped.(you are way over cap now)

    Don't stack "GS", like your shoulders, you could have taken T9 shoulders with "lower GS", but superior choice in performance.

    This is pretty much as far as you can go, dead end where all the POS farmers end up.

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    Thanks angrylol. I just buy whatever seems to be a fitting upgrade compared to what I currently have. Its fine if takes months I dont mind as Im not in any rush. I dont have the option to play 3 hours straight once a week, too much stuff to do. Life with kids :-) I can maybe play 3 hours a week but spread over the course of the entire week ;-)

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    First thing you do now is get 4/5 T9 set, you have only helmet
    Done. Now I have 4/5 T9. Will farm a bit to get money for the Darkmoon card.

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    If you got Points here on site, you can maybe get http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/item=45609 , that's an option(slighly better than Darkmoon card)

    Darkmoon card is really good tough, but main point is to replace Hit rating trinket to keep your Hit close to 8% as possible. It's pretty much "wasted" stats over cap which could be put somewhere to increase your damage. Ideally ending up with Darkmoon+Comet, or other trinkets while retaining Hit rating cap from your gear(+maybe some gems if necessary).

    Also about Expertise, since you have +10 From glyph, you need just 16 from gear to total 26. It's ok to get dodged sometimes with other Seals, and Corruption is retri "main" Seal.
    I mean, it's somewhat important to get these stat caps and getting as much useful stats as possible, since you will use this gear for a long time.

    Retri at this gear level starts to be pretty decent in power, after this your next big boost will be replacing 2 parts of T9 with T10 for those DS resets. You should probably get into raids, even if you have to leave after one or two bosses, extra EoF each week is nice, first and second boss in ICC10 drops very nice weapon, trinket. Tough no other noteworthy drops there from first ones, maybe agility Back from first. This is quite doable with your gear and some ~30 mins time.
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    I thought corruption was primarily for bosses/1 mob encounters?

    Im at 25 expertise just now 🥴

    I got points but only around 10, I got Gold for the darkmoon card now.

    Might be looking into some raids, though Im not in any guild - Ill look around! Thanks a lot for taking time to help out, much sppreciated.

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    Yes, Corruption is for bosses, that's where you want to avoid losing damage.
    On trash mobs and AoE situations in dungeons some dodges are not a big deal. In any case some dodges are not a big deal, lots of players play with lower expertise, it's just more of a RNG in that case, sometimes you get unlucky and plummet damage a bit(more of a "competition" issue with other players, instead of an issue to kill a boss). 25 is perfectly fine, little under cap is better than over.

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    I got the darkmoon card now. Also got 60 EoF - any tips as to what to buy, or should I wait?

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    Probably best will be to save up for T10 Chest, this will allow to retain T9 4/5 until you get second item of T10(probably Shoulders). Then you can replace Gloves with those you had previously and have 2 parts of each set. After that T10 helmet+pants, since in a long run retri will not use T10 set gloves at all. Also T10 pants should be last item you buy, because you have a chance to get them in VoA raid(quick and easy 1 Boss raid you should do every week)

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    That was my initial thought as well. Is T10 buyable in the pointstore? I cant seem to locate any.

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