1. 4 Days Ago  

    i lost my gamme characters

    Plzz i don't know how plzz help me i don't even use cheats why u i can't get my hunter and other

  2. 4 Days Ago  
    Start with providing some basic info so you can be helped..
    When did you last log in?
    Which realm did you play on?
    Did you check for characters only on website or in game aswell?

  3. 3 Days Ago  
    Frostmourne, yeah?


    Hop to My Account -> Services -> Frostmourne S1 -> Realm transfer

    Wrong realm? Select your old one.

    If your characters don't show up on armory, or services, it's possible they're flagged for rename. Login in-game and set new names (or old ones, if still available).

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