1. May 14, 2021  

    About caps

    About caps

    Hello fellows i am new on frostmourne server coming from icecrown and the thing is i hear a lot of things about "caps" (hit rating,expertice,def cap,arp...) from other players but each one tells me something different, I tried to find answers in the forums about it but I can't find any reference anywhere, soo before start to do raids I appeal to the knowledge of a player from the previous season or someone who can clear up the doubt .

    thanks in advance and see you soon in raids :).

  2. May 14, 2021  
    better just go to the respective classforum, because it varies from specc to specc. melees for example need 8%hit to hit bosses and 26 expertise, while casters need 17% flat iirc. However there are talents, which increase it, so that for example as fury warrior you only need 5% hit and as mage 14% hit, if you are alliance I think you should aim for 1%less, because having a draenei in your raid gives you more hit. defense cap is 540 to not get crits from bosses, which is important for tanks. armor pen cap is not reachable yet since frostmourne is on an early patch where gear doesnt provide enough of it, but it is 1399,6 (shown as 100% in char tab, so quite obvious). Class specific guides you find usually say all the relevant caps though

  3. May 14, 2021  
    hello thanks for reply :), yaa that's cap from ice crow for example but i don't know if is the same caps in frostmourne, for example for tank Dk someone tell me "guildmaster :0" i need almost 10% hit ratting and 540 or 550 for rdf HC and for raids almost 560def cap, that's and that's a litle rude for 200lvl item.

    Should I take the icrecrow caps like the same ones in frostmourne then?

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