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    [Guide] The Beast Within: Beast Mastery in PvP

    The Beast Within: Beast Mastery in PvP

    First of all. Sorry for my English. I'm Trying to do My best.
    This Guide exists Mostly to find other BM Hunter and Build decent PvP Guide.
    Because all Guides which I saw had in the best case talent tree and only few words
    about GamePlay.

    About Beast Mastery
    Beast Mastery is one of 3 Hunter's Specs. And I think the most unique one. Even from look. Since a big exotic pet really easy to spot. While Survival and Marksmanship Hunters are pretty similar BM is not. Main difference is The Beast Within which grant you immune to Any CC during 10 seconds. That's make BM really OP vs some CC dependent classes. In addition some exotic Pets provide really unique abilities which can help a lot.

    Reasons to be a BM Hunter, aka Pros and Cons
    1. Pet! Well, what for someone can prefer BM except Exotic Pet?)
    2. The Beast Within or why rogues cry.
    3. Survivability, due to some talents and more armor BM more tanky.
    4. Mobility.. Permanent 10% speed increase (while pet is active) can help.
    5. Decent Burst Damage on demand.

    1. Damage Overall. Except Burst your damage isn't high... Lowest out of all Hunter's Specs.
    2. Very Pet Dependent. Pet is half of Your DPS.
    3. Not so strong vs Plates

    Spoiler: Show
    For BM hard to choose best race overall. If you gonna play Arenas only then I'd say Orcs are the best due to their 5% pet damage increased and active racial. But here is one nuance... You may can play with Shadowmeld... It can be VERY good versus caster's with high burst and help you a lot.

    I can't say that others races are better for BM. Their racial's ability much more situational.
    Draenei's heal is good but here are classes with healing reduction. Second best after NE for the Alliance.
    Dwarfs' rasial can help a lot vs some classes so it's also good.

    Taurens stun can be very helpful sometimes.
    Blood Elves have a good racial too. Some mana and silience can help.
    Troll racial in my opinion only one which is really useless for BM.

    But why then I believe that NE's racial is the Best?
    Hm, maybe because you can avoid a huge incoming spell damage like Pyroblast, Lava Burst and so on?
    However, choice is your.

    Spoiler: Show
    Simple question:
    JC&BS or JC&Eng for Arenas.
    If you like flasks in WPvP then Alch&Eng.
    JC&BC: Best constant stats.
    Alch: Flasks and Mixology
    Eng: Utility

    Spoiler: Show
    When it comes to Stats BM is very simple class.

    Main thing which you Must get for PvP is Hit.
    You need 5%.

    Resilience. At Least 1000. But I'd go up to 1200.

    These 2 stats are your main. After you have it you go for AP.
    Crit Rating is also fine but since Pet doesn't scale with it I don't see reason to gem it.
    Because in the end you will lost more DPS compared to just AP.

    Haste and Arp? Well, your pet doesn't need it.

    Gear, Enchants, Gems
    Spoiler: Show
    My Gear is far away from BiS but.
    I believe that BM hunter BiS list is All PvP items except ranged weapon, rings and trinket.
    That's because you want resilience.
    I'd use PvP melee weapon. Vs most classes I'd use Wrathful Gladiator's Claymore with Scroll of Enchant 2H Weapon - Massacre
    but if enemy have disarm, except rogue, I'd use 2xWrathful Gladiator's Longblade with Scroll of Enchant Weapon - Superior Potency on Main Hand and Titanium Weapon Chain on Off Hand.
    Note: since almost all PvP weapon have types similar stats, I mean PvP two-handed sword = PvP polearm, so you may pick one which you prefer or due your race.

    Head: Arcanum of Triumph
    Shoulders: Inscription of Triumph
    Back: Flexweave Underlay
    Chest: Scroll of Enchant Chest - Powerful Stats
    Wrist: Scroll of Enchant Bracers - Greater Assault
    Hands: Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket
    Waist: Eternal Belt Buckle
    Legs: Icescale Leg Armor
    Feet: Nitro Boosts for WPvP/BGs and Scroll of Enchant Boots - Tuskarr's Vitality for Arenas
    Ranged: Heartseeker Scope

    Meta: Relentless Earthsiege Diamond
    Yellow: Wicked Ametrine
    Blue: 1xNightmare Tear
    Rest Red: Bright Cardinal Ruby]
    Note: if you are low on resilience you may want use resilience enchants on some slots.

    Well, when it comes to keeping socket bonus I'd prefer to skip it in favor of more AP. But you can do whatever you want. And it's also depends on situation since at Arenas you may want more burst but at WPvP for health.
    Also I don't see reason to gem Spell Penetration because you have only 2 damaging spell and I never saw them fully resisted

    Spoiler: Show
    Oh, Pets, they are our main weapon and without them we just die.
    As you may know BM hunter rely on Pet Much More than any other.
    Why? Well, it's caused by simple fact that Bestial Wrath usable only while we have pet active and alive. And also because we have several buffs which work in same way. So death of the Pet is death of The Hunter if you can't revive in time.

    So, here we go. As you may know pets have own talent tree and specialization. Cunning, Ferocity and Tenacity.
    Cunning provide more utility, so it's good for 1 vs 1+.
    Ferocity provide High Damage, so that's for Arenas.
    And Tenacity. It's a tanky pet. Mostly used in BGs and you may like it vs Warriors, Death Knights and Paladins.

    Now let's take a look about each Pet Family closer.

    Cunning Family
    Spoiler: Show
    In Cunning Family you have to chose between Chimaera and Silithid or in other words between Froststorm Breath from Chimaera or Venom Web Spray from Silithid. Also Chimaera can Fly. So if you gonna PvP somewhere where people can use fly mount then Chimaera for You)

    When it comes to Talents then you have two option:
    First one is most common with Bullheaded: https://wotlk.evowow.com/?petcalc#mcd0zoch0rkob
    Or you can go for Roar of Sacrifice: https://wotlk.evowow.com/?petcalc#mcd0zoch0MkMd

    I got two pets. So I can switch between them.

    Ferocity Family
    Spoiler: Show
    Situation here much more interesting. You can tame Devilsaur, Core Hound, Spirit beast. If you want keep it simple then take Core Hound since it's better vs many in Arenas.
    When it comes to talents it's easy: https://wotlk.evowow.com/?petcalc#mqd00fozzhoRb
    Heart of the Phoenix is Must or you are just a joke versus any team with Paladin or Warrior.

    But if you want large explanation then read:
    Core Hound arguable better one for arenas due to Lava Breath. That's help a lot.
    Devilsaur provide the best damage output compared to any other pet but don't have any utility and all its damage is physical... So in my opinion in current meta it's kinda bad.
    Spirit Beast is useless but beauty pet. Oki, joking. You can use it but it's only for WPvP camping.

    Tenacity Family
    Spoiler: Show
    You have only PvP Tenacity Pet and It's a Worm. Due to Acid Spit this pet really good vs guys in plates since you have almost 0 ArP as BM.
    Talents: https://wotlk.evowow.com/?petcalc#mVzhubh0bokM

    Talent's and Glyphs
    Spoiler: Show
    Here is no the only way to spend your talent points so I will just show my current build and will give simple explanation.
    It's my build with Glyphs: https://wotlk.evowow.com/?talent#cVb...st0eVbo:V0kM0V

    Glyphs should be like these. I don't think some other will do better.
    Improved Mend Pet 1/2 and Spirit Bond 1/2 is better than just 2/2 Spirit Bond since some classes can kill your pet by DoTs. 2/2 Improved Mend Pet is waste in my opinion since it's still no 100%.
    Maxed Frenzy and Cobra Strikes mostly because when you fight vs high resilience you and your pet Crit not so often. Same reason for 2/2 Go for the Throat

    Here is also so named Readiness spec. Point of this spec is skipping Beast Mastery and go for Readiness instead. I don't have high experience with this spec but I tried it. In my opinion it have less burst but more utility. But it should be perfect to Duels. Readiness spec looks like this: https://wotlk.evowow.com/?talent#cVb...0eqfo0z:V0kMV0

    How to KILL
    Spoiler: Show
    Well, some people think that BM is really noob class and it's so easy to play. But I often see noobs dying vs Frost Mages...
    So here are few tricks:

    Your priority list looks like this:
    Hunter's Mark
    Serpent Sting but sometimes you may use other one.
    Aimed Shot because you don't want them to heal up)
    Arcane Shot just for damage.
    Kite) or if your Brave Shama tanking all damage then cast [url=http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/spell=49052]Steady Shot

    And your Nuke Bestial Wrath you might want to use when got 1st CC on you.
    Intimidation when target is around ~20%.
    Master's Call used almost on 1st movement reduce effect when enemy is near to your dead zone.

    And the Best spell ever also known as Shadowmeld you use when see some big incoming spell which you want avoid.

    P.S. That's not the end. I will continue once will get more experience and time.
    Thanks for reading. Feel free to tell me my mistakes in English or Gameplay.
    Edited: September 17, 2021 Reason: Update info

  2. May 19, 2021  
    50/21/00 is usualy the better Arena spec.

  3. May 20, 2021  
    Wow.... not even mentioning the orc pet damage increase bonus, not mentioning tailoring at all which is huge....

    talents im not gonna argue as everybody plays as they like, BM isnt viable enough to have one true/good build.

    Using sindragosa neck and frostbrood ring is just wrong and stupid. While Sindra can make some sense if you are with a healer on bg and can freecast, going for frostbrood over signet of twilight is the worst move you can make.
    Also, pvp cloak and neck should be used. If you look for more damage then try swapping wrist/belt/feet for BiS pve, makes way more sense than swapping the cloak/neck.

    Oh. And I just saw your meta gem. why.... the movement speed is lost due to your prefinal BM talent not being stackable. Only viable choice is the 3% crit damage increase one with agil, and trust me I've tested all the AP ones. The only one I found kind of viable was the one healing you, but still far inferior to relentless earthsiege.

    gems.... im not gonna argue skipping socket bonuses as everybody plays how they like, but I want to recommend you to try out blue ap + stamina. Also I dont ever use crit yellows, its always AP + resil.

  4. May 20, 2021  
    Thanks for advises. As I said at start I'm not Pro BM and it's mostly attempt to group up all info about BM.
    Will make some changes.

  5. 1 Week Ago  
    50/21/00 is usualy the better Arena spec.
    Got a link to this layout?

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